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TECH DIGEST – Week 46, 2014

Corporate Nov 21, 2014


Cloud Computing provides an edge over competition

Embracing the cloud has helped companies stay ahead of rivals and maximize the new business models that have emerged due to the digital revolution. Cloud has enabled companies to become more efficient and adaptable while accelerating time to value and an innovation platform. Cloud has disrupted many industries. New enterprises are using the cloud to quickly start operations, scale-up and increase their geographic reach.

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The Big Opportunity for Healthcare in Big Data

Thanks to the fast moving field of data analysis, we are able to know more deeply about health than ever before. With all this information so easily accessible, healthcare providers can spot patterns in diseases, test the efficacy of treatments and recognize links between causes and symptoms. It is widely accepted that healthcare is one of the early Big Data winners. Intel is working with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to use data collected from wearable devices to recognize patters in the progression of the disease.

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Why your Business needs a Mobile App?

Many enterprises are of the opinion that mobile apps are only for big brands such as Walmart, Bank of America and the likes. However, you would be surprises to know that many small businesses are also following this mobile trend. These businesses recognize that mobile strategy should include more than just a mobile-friendly website. If you notice around you, many small businesses interact with you through their own apps. These companies will always edge out rivals and take their marketing to the next level. There are numerous benefits to go the mobile app way.

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10 Reasons to love Liferay

Liferay offers great benefits to businesses. Compared to competitors, Liferay has the lowest total cost of ownership. It offers great functionality around content management,collaboration, social, mobile, security among other features. It offers businesses agility and ease of use. Moreover, it is a mature open source product.

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