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Tech Digest – Week 46, 2012

Corporate Nov 16, 2012

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Nine Security controls to look for in Cloud contracts

To help ease the concerns of cloud security, buyers are looking to contracts and service-level agreements to mitigate their risks. According to Gartner’s Cloud security analyst, SLAs are still ‘weak’ and ‘unsatisfying’ in terms of addressing security, business continuity and assessment of security controls also the consistency lacks in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market, whereas on the other side Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) controls are ‘primitive, but improving’. Customer audits on demand, Data deletion certificate, Disaster Recovery, Downtime credits, Encryption, Evaluations, Full indemnification for security failure impact. These are some of the common and recommended security provisions in cloud contracts and how common and effective they are.

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IT’s Role in providing and supporting Business Intelligence - via BeyeNETWORK

Recently, a survey of more than 700 IT professionals was conducted in order to get a better sense of their views on and experiences with Business Intelligence. The BeyeNETWORK got into the discussion of the survey and delved deep into IT's role in providing and supporting business intelligence. They would all like to have less required investment from IT. But it is the fact that in business intelligence we have to get to the data, we have to have stewardship around the data, and have to tailor things as per the business users’ needs. Now it would be great if there were solutions that allowed all those things to happen in the hands of business users, but certainly evidence of that could not be seen. There are a lot of wonderful desktop applications that business users like. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t provide the flexibility and the integration with systems to really make them a complete solution.

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Mobile app development: 94% of software developers bet on HTML5 being a winner

According to the recent survey, 94 percent of developers are either using HTML5, or plan to start using it this year, leaving only a minuscule six percent who have no plans to develop with HTML5 before 2013 rolls around in just two short months. 82 percent of developers also say that the technology will be important to their jobs in the next year, and a further 12 percent believe it will become important within the next two years. HTML5 is an updated version of the old-school hyper-text markup language that makes up much of the web today. It enables developers to build on their existing knowledge of web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and cascading style sheets to create mobile apps through frameworks such as Adobe’s PhoneGap. Probably even more importantly, by using cross-platform technologies like PhoneGap, HTML5 enables developers to write their apps once and deploy on all major mobile platforms.

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Moxie announces Crowdsourced Enterprise knowledge solution

Recently Moxie declared of Social Knowledge Base. It combines functionality from the vendor's Community Spaces social CRM platform and Collaboration Spaces enterprise social software solution in an effort to validate Crowdsourced information and endorse answers found in social media. The application offers all standard features available on its Collaboration Spaces, Community Spaces and Knowledge Space solutions. Specific functionality includes:

  • Portals or embeddable widgets for customers to self-serve or participate in a social community.
  • Expertise location to ensure that subject matter experts within the enterprise can be located for insights.
  • A collaborative platform for employees to share and refine solutions before promoting to the knowledge base as endorsed answers.
  • Workflow and approval processes to help ensure the quality of certified content.
  • Wikis for collaborative authoring of content.
  • Ability to recommend and promote content into the knowledge base based on ratings and reputation.

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