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TECH DIGEST – Week 44, 2014

Corporate Nov 07, 2014

Mobile Collaboration SharePoint big-data management cloud computing Technology Open-Source Solutions

How Three Organizations are Transforming Themselves with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is more than just a buzz word among enterprises. The potential it holds has captured the attention of the most prominent business leaders across sectors. Companies are looking to leverage its speed, scale, control and economics. They are heavily relying on the cloud to market, sell, build products and manage supply chains. In fact, a research says that 85% of the new software is being built for the cloud. Find out how an insurance company, grocery chain and educational service are benefiting from their shift to the cloud.

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Using Open-Source Solutions for Big Data Management

Information interchange has reached unprecedented levels. Organizations depend on data to help them drive, quantify and grow their business. While working with large databases is not new to enterprises, the data is now running into giga, tera and petabytes. In a transforming business and IT environment, organizations must consider data center hosting options such as cloud or a managed services option. There are great open-source data management options that are available to organizations today.

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Don’t commit these mistakes when developing an app for your business

Since apps are extremely popular and offer new business ideas, majority of business owners are considering developing mobile apps to market their products and services. However, enterprises are not sure of the right approach in app development. One common issue is the failure to determine the right mobile platform. Some blindly choose iOS because they think it's easier to monetize on the Apple App Store. While it may be true in some cases, it is not a universal truth. For instance, if your app is not focused on the U.S. markets alone, it makes more sense to develop on Android first since it is more popular globally.

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SharePoint offers Mobile Collaboration Opportunities

With the recent Microsoft announcement of making Office free on iOS and Android devices, there is a huge opportunity to drive the mobilization of Microsoft SharePoint. The iPad maybe a dominant player in the enterprise market and the executive world which in turn may promote SharePoint, which has not gained wide acceptance at the executive level.

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