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Strengthening of Cloud Computing Practice Center‎

e-Zest Jul 26, 2011

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e-Zest has upgraded and strengthened cloud computing practice centre considering increased demand for cloud computing.

Pune, India, July 25, 2011

e-Zest, a global software product engineering and enterprise application development company, in view of the increasing demand for cloud computing has upgraded and strengthened its cloud computing practice center. This decision was taken in the wake of the ever increasing demand of various enterprises, ISVs and internet companies to embrace business opportunities by virtualizing their IT assets and accessing applications through the cloud.

Recent reports are indicative of growth in the cloud software services market at a CAGR of 18 percent over a period of four years (2010 – 2014). The reduction in the overall organizational IT service cost will further hasten the cloud adoption demand.

Recently e-Zest has brought on board Satish Agrawal as VP – Cloud Computing Practice. Satish brings with him 15+ years of IT experience in building and implementing end-to-end cloud solutions along with insightful knowledge of managing technology projects in different geographies. His role includes strengthening of e-Zest’s existing competencies in the cloud computing for enterprises and ISVs to deliver best value solutions from design to deployment for cloud adaptation.

The efforts by Satish and other members of cloud practice center have helped to acquire e-Zest a Professional Partnership of VMWare. As a VMWare Solution Provider, the team constantly looks for ways to best serve e-Zest’s clients’ needs from desktop to data center with unique value that VMWare virtualization products and solutions offer. e-Zest Cloud Practice team has skills in all major cloud platforms – Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Amazon EC2, IBM Smart Cloud and Force.com.

Satish Agrawal briefed about latest achievement of Cloud Computing Practice team. He shared, “e-Zest has developed a flex/flash based business application on Amazon Cloud as part of its Cloud Solution Accelerators. The cloud solution was fine tuned to meet best practices such as separating data from logic, using RDS as data instance, using Linux instance instead of Windows 2008 etc. Previously the system was hosted using RackSpace Cloud where customer was experiencing performance issues in the form of the delays in loading the flash objects. The e-Zest Cloud Practice team took the decision of migrating to different cloud system after carrying out detailed study of various performance bottlenecks.”

While commenting on Cloud Computing Practice Center at e-Zest, Devendra Deshmukh, Director and Founder, said, “We are impressed by the work that our Cloud Practice Center team has done. We expect our Cloud Computing Practice to provide much needed leverage to our clients to excel in their respective industries. Satish with his profound experience and knowledge of cloud technologies will help our clients in achieving their strategic goals with cloud adoption. Our strategy pillars Cloud, Mobile and BI are helping our clients to stay ahead of their competition.”

e-Zest’s Cloud Computing Practice Center offers services such as cloud consulting (security, managing complexities of virtualizing data centers, private cloud design, network infrastructure and bandwidth), SaaS application architecture design and development, cloud migration and cloud testing for its enterprise customers, ISVs, internet companies and startups.

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