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Modernizing IT systems should be every CIOs business priority

Sneha Nov 15, 2016

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In the current times we are living in, one ought to maintain some awareness of what’s happening in the world of technology, especially in the world of emerging technologies. This is more critical to CIOs of companies than anybody else. Modern technologies those are innovative and its impact on enterprise creates a lot of excitement and curiosity around what’s possible. 

CIOs can attempt for a business uptake through technology awareness step-up by fostering that within their organization. They can also encourage the business partners to experiment with these emerging technologies that attract common interest.  

If you sow the seeds of curiosity and plant a range of newer technologies at the right time, they will bloom to improve your business further. But this can create a tricky balance exposing you to a wide variety of technologies. If you try to evaluate all these at once, it may lead to prolonged indecisiveness. So, how do you stay cautious and try to find the right balance to provide that flexibility for all that experimentation. The key to this which is often overlooked is the IT’s role which has the potential to bring new solutions by carefully considering options to remove the legacy technologies that exists in every organization. 

While continuously adding to your legacy technologies will not be easy for a lot of reasons. Lack of resources, and sufficient clarity, silos and diffused applications among them are a few of such reasons. You can start by evaluating old technologies by considering what to replace. This initiative must come from your IT, as your business partners will not have sufficient knowledge on the right technologies.  

Doing so might not be easy initially as it creates disruption. Business owners will be pressed to delve into the technology space in which they may have less expertise. Cost and comfort factors will lead to the usage of old technologies for a prolonged duration.  

To simplify this, CIOs can collaborate with business colleagues including IT to identify new solutions and options. This partnership allows and enables IT teams to look at the entire technology portfolio across the organization. First, to consolidate, simplify and evaluate old technologies and next to free up resources and capacity to enable the new.

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