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Microsoft SkyDrive API - Leverage SkyDrive API for Cross-platform Applications

Satish Chavan Nov 20, 2012

Microsoft SkyDrive API Cross-platform Applications .NET Cloud Storage Collaboration Applications Windows Phone 8 cloud computing Technology

SkyDrive cloud storage is now open for access to third-party applications. Microsoft team has released an update to SkyDrive for both Windows and Mac, as well as for iOS and Windows Phone. With the update, we can write applications that are able to access files in the cloud directly from their PC/Mac or mobile app. With the SkyDrive API, we can utilize SkyDrive to build an app on any platform.

Here is the link for SkyDrive API documentation


Some of the sample code samples available at


If we are developing social or collaboration applications that utilize cloud storage, SkyDrive is option worth evaluating. Apart from Google Drive API and Amazon S3 storage alternatives, with SkyDrive API we can utilize the SkyDrive API to build mobile and tablet apps that provide directly access to a user's documents and photos, which are stored on SkyDrive. As SkyDrive provides iOS, Android and Windows support, we can build mobile applications on multiple platforms by leveraging this API.

Apart from this Microsoft released SkyDrive SDK's for Windows Phone 8 and .NET. Here is official Microsoft blog post for announcement


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