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LinkedIn - A powerful tool for improving enterprise sales

Vanashree Shegaonkar Sep 07, 2017

Sales LinkedIN


LinkedIn is one of the key tools or we can say the most helpful platform for the people who are into sales and business development. It is the world largest professional network having more than 500 million users over more than 200 countries and territories.

Being a part of an enterprise, LinkedIn plays a key role for me as well. It’s is like a clay that can mould in any manner.

Hope you all have the same view! But remember, unless you first connect you cannot influence.

LinkedIn and its benefits:

LinkedIn is mainly used for providing business solutions such as hire, sell, market and the most importantly learning. Furthermore, tackling top challenges, finding great talent or the trends to capitalize the social selling, creating business pages, branding, promotions and building right connections have become much easier with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn features and how they are useful

The account on LinkedIn can be created as per your business needs and depending upon the purpose such as job hunt, business, sales or recruitment. Other features include Social Selling Index (SSI), where you can get your social selling score, the rate in percent also from the various factors like people in your industry, people in your network and weekly SSI. With the help of SSI we can see how we can enhance our strategies as compared to our industry peers and our network on LinkedIn. We can also check elements how they are working like establishment of brand, connection of right people, insights, building of relationship. We can track the progress using the dashboard. If you want to improve your score and the activity performance, then just set goals and follow the right path.

For all sales and business development team, lead generation is the main focus. LinkedIn has an in-built algorithm to help the sales and the business development team to find appropriate contacts and generate business. Thus, most of the lead is generation is done using LinkedIn.

In addition, analysis of the feeds, ads, campaign, etc. can be done through tracking the Click Through Rate (CTR) based on the industry standard. CTR is used measure the clicks on the advertisement campaign i.e. the number of clicks you get on your ads.

Remember that having huge list of connections is not important instead having right connection can bring in right prospects and business. Another thing to consider is that the people network can be inherited. Also, to get an all – star profile depends on the activity you perform. You can get an all-star profile by being active on the groups, discussions, comments and of course the way you fill your profile and the network you create. The more you explore, the more insights you get.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is the best source for the professional and the business growth. If you have anything to add let me know through comments.

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