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First Post

Satish Chavan Feb 27, 2008

soa web 2.0 Technology SaaS

Today it'€™s my first post on e-Zest corporate blog and I am very much excited to see lot of interest from readers and within e-Zest in very short span of time. Right now IT world is talking about state of US economy and its impact on outsourcing and specifically offshore outsourcing of IT and ITES services. In the flat world business dynamics are changing fast and I believe innovation in business processes, product and services,business models and service delivery approaches will be key factors in competitive success of organizations worldwide.

I see three key technology drivers having major impact in 2008 for consumer products or services accessed using browsers and business applications used by enterprises for managing business processes. Maturity of social media applications and Web 2.0 technologies, Industry wide acceptance of Software as a Service(SaaS) delivery based business applications and few success stories of successful implementation of service oriented architecture(SOA) based enterprise business platforms.

We should not see each of these technologies as silos growing independent of each other, rather convergence of Web2.0 technologies, SaaS delivery and SOA will drive major business innovations in next few years. We should also understand that recession in USA will drive faster adaption of this technology convergence than adversely affecting this, as pressing bottom-lines, cost cutting, personal pressure driving need for social space and need for integration of existing platforms and services for integrated solutions offerings will drive key business innovations. 

Have you thought of this in your business plan for year 2008?

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