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Geetanjali Pukale

Geetanjali Pukale

Geetanjali Pukale has 11years of experience in IT. Having completed her MCS, she is currently working as a Tech Lead with e-Zest. She specializes in web technologies and is currently working in PHP and MySQL. In her leisure time she loves reading novels and is passionate about exploring new places and travelling.

Recent Posts by Geetanjali Pukale:

Three JS – 3D objects on web

When the task of rotating a tetrahedron on the web came to me, I was thinking about ways to achieve it. I knew it was possible having seen it on one of our client projects.

Topics: Java Technology

All About Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

My inspiration of writing this blog was the activity conducted by e-Zest on Nov 14, 2014. The concern that we showed to those kids could be as well applicable to the rest of the world!

Topics: Technology

A Layman’s Guide to Google Charts

Reporting is a major activity across all businesses. However, it is the visual impact of a report which makes it more interesting and readable to the user. Any presentation or report must contain information which is easily understood by any user at a glance. An image or a chart offer the best visual impact tolls in your report. Google has introduced an easy way of plotting graphs. They provide an api which provides you a chart or an image map with hotspot.

Topics: Google Charts Technology

e-learning and Moodle

e-learning by definition means learning to use electronic media. In this new age of technology, it goes without saying that the use of computers is rampant and it has much hold on the minds of children and youngsters. E-Learning is a widely used word, which means learning through the use of CDs, videos/audios etc.

Topics: Moodle e-learning Technology

ImageMagick – the real magic with image

Handling an image and dealing with an image has always been a hurdle for any programmer. Life has undoubtedly become simpler with ImageMagick.

Topics: UI/UX Technology

The Re-engineering of product/project

Why would one think of re-engineering of a product/project in the first place or redoing the same stuff again?

Topics: Product Engineering Outsourced Product Engineering Technology

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