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CloudMap - a 360 Degree Infrastructure control on Cloud

Saurabh Phaltane Jun 03, 2014

Cloud Management and Automation cloud computing CloupMap Technology

Today's Era of cloud is certainly moving in a direction to engulfing 80% of the IT market in coming 5 years. Naturally, it is a common understanding now that more and more organizations are planning to harness the power of cloud by building migration strategies. The aim is to migrating to cloud in order to increase the scalability, increase the ROI, avail more security/compliance management and also to get more control over the application.

The requirements to harness the power of cloud, agility in operation and lower investments on cloud also brings forth a large spectrum of challenges that needs to be addressed in a timely and prudent manner.

The agility required in operations, much needed time to market, increasing complexity and high scale of infrastructure considering diverse infrastructural and compliance needs; automation in cloud has gained a lot of importance. The earnest need to monitor the infrastructure provisioning, application monitoring, events tracking, security compliance with advanced level orchestration and configured control mechanisms, make the game challenging for companies with limited resources.

The Infrastructure setup needs can be understood with the following points

Time for provision of infrastructure:

Provide all the required resources on cloud, considering the vitality of cost and optimal utilization

  • Compliances for standard security standards and policies
  • Getting monitoring grip over the number of Applications hosted
  • Understanding the events and keeping a bird’s eye on the logs to predict the alerts and plan proactive action on the same

Addressing these needs by putting into action the PAAS model, the CloudMap drives the automation to a higher degree.

The CloudMap ‘Cloud Management and Automation Platform’ even can be restated as below,

‘The CloudMap is a customizable Platform as a Service Model that offers Automated Provisioning of Resources, Configuration of Security Measures, Monitoring, Management and Orchestration of Resources on Cloud ,expediting the infrastructure setup giving a complete control to the system admin with minimal efforts, time and cost.’

Features and Benefits:

  • Policy based framework of provisioning the infrastructure
  • Complete solution for orchestration and configuration management
  • Intelligent framework to create public/private subnets and automated networking and routing setup
  • Inbuilt Smart Monitoring solution configurable with minimal efforts
  • Recommendation Engine for over utilized and underutilized resources
  • CloudTrail Event Activity tracker to track the provisioning/deleting/updating of events on the infrastructure to the administrator
  • Single Window Analytics Dashboard to alert and resolve critical issues

A Policy Based Framework for configuration and provisioning of Resources

1) Configurational Policy to select the orchestration and Management Tools and organize the requirements with smart ENC configurator

2) Monitoring Policy selector to specify the monitoring parameters to be applied on individual machines

3) Log Aggregation Policy selector to configure and centralize your infrastructure logs at a central location.

4) Hardening Policy Selector to conform your machines to industry specified standards.

5) Intra VPC Networking Policy configurator to setup advanced level routing and subnetting for advanced level securities.

6) Backup Policy configurator by specifying the resources and frequency of backups

The Single Window monitoring Dashboard provide the following usecases:

1) Monitoring real-time peep into the Application performance

2) Reconfigurable logging alerts and drill into the Application Logs.

3) Analytics of the historic monitoring data to plan proactive plans of administration

4) Cloudtrail events notifying the user initiated API like provisioning/deleting of resources and track of activities by different stake holders on your AWS Infrastructure.

5) Security Monitoring for unauthorized accesses, failed passwords, security breaches and Updates/Patch Monitoring on the Servers.

6) Centralized View of configuration updates and timely run statuses of configurational management tools (puppet)

CloudMap thus provides a 360 degree solution, addressing the diverse needs of the infrastructures and giving the administrator a better control over the infrastructure in order to harness the true power of cloud.

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