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Saurabh Phaltane

Saurabh Phaltane is a BE computer Engineering graduate from MIT Pune. He is interested in Cloud and Cloud related Technologies. Saurabh is working with the Lantana Team of e-Zest. Saurabh is passionate about reading Books and exploring knowledge.

Recent Posts by Saurabh Phaltane:

CloudMap - a 360 Degree Infrastructure control on Cloud

Today's Era of cloud is certainly moving in a direction to engulfing 80% of the IT market in coming 5 years. Naturally, it is a common understanding now that more and more organizations are planning to harness the power of cloud by building migration strategies. The aim is to migrating to cloud in order to increase the scalability, increase the ROI, avail more security/compliance management and also to get more control over the application.

Topics: Cloud Management and Automation cloud computing CloupMap Technology

Graylog2- Scalable logging solution-VPC Production environments

Monitoring and tracking the events on cloud is a great topic of interest among system administrators who are in constant search of better solutions to suffice their needs.

Topics: AWS cloud computing Technology

GrayLog2 Centralize your Logs and power of Analytics

Why Centralized Log Aggregation:

Topics: GrayLog2 power of Analytics Logs cloud computing Technology

Autoscaling EC2 instances in AWS

Owing to the very simple yet powerful features, Amazon has truly been the most dominating player in the world of cloud and one of the most undisputed super heroes of the cloud market. Out of the many amazing features of Amazon, this blog intends to highlight the auto scaling feature of EC2 instances.

Topics: AWS Cloud Computing Services Autoscaling EC2 Amazon Web Seervices cloud computing Technology

Manage Your Petabyte Scale Data with AWS Redshift

Amazon Redshift provides an extensive framework to analyze our petabyte scale data with optimized cost with our existing BI tools. Redshift provides a cost effective, scalable, secure and fast analysis framework for our large data sets.

Topics: BI tools business intelligence analytics petabyte data analysis Big data Hadoop Hive Comparison with Hadoop Technology Amazon Redshift AWS Redshift

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