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Systems of Engagement: The way ahead for Enterprise IT

In a conference earlier this year, IBM CEO Virginia Rometty listed three trends which are transforming the IT industry: data, cloud and engagement. With the ...

By Shashank Venkat Jul 31, 2014

A Common Language For “Things”

If you are in the Mobility business you cannot avoid hearing about the “Internet Of Things” (or IoT for the more clued in). This much anticipated event will ...

By Corporate Jul 30, 2014

Google updates local search algorithm, ranking changes already visible

Technology giant Google recently updated its search algorithm which is geared to impact the local search results. The update will provide Google users with ...

By Shashank Venkat Jul 29, 2014

Internet of Things: The undergoing revolution in healthcare

Healthcare reform has been long overdue. The sector has been mired by inefficiencies and lack of quality services in real time. All of that is changing now ...

By Shashank Venkat Jul 28, 2014

Internet of Things in Manufacturing: The transformation is underway

Manufacturing is a key element in the growth of any country. The sector is witnessing a tremendous change through digitization of its processes. Some have even ...

By Shashank Venkat Jul 25, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 29, 2014

AWS named as a leader in Gartner's Infrastructure as a Service Magic Quadrant report

By Corporate Jul 25, 2014

How Enterprise Execs are Looking at Mobile Apps?

Mobility is transforming the way people work or consume information. In a recent survey of 200 enterprise executives regarding their outlook towards mobile app ...

By Corporate Jul 25, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 28, 2014

Cloud Computing disrupting traditional offices

By Corporate Jul 18, 2014

Enterprise Mobility gets a boost with Apple-IBM partnership

Tech giants Apple and IBM have come together to form a partnership which can transform the enterprise mobility space. The deal will see 100 enterprise ...

By Shashank Venkat Jul 17, 2014

What is Agile?

Agile…Agile!!!! Everybody is talking about Agile. Go for Agile… Simply, go for Agile. What is Agile after all? What is the advantage of agile and more ...

By Mrinalini Deshmukh Jul 17, 2014

The Fruits Of Enterprise Mobility Will Be Big.. And Blue

Apple’s relationship with the more traditional computing vendors has always been a bit unsettled and no name is more traditional in that space than IBM. New ...

By Corporate Jul 16, 2014

Latest News from Healthcare Industry

Quick checklist for first-time angel investors

By Corporate Jul 16, 2014

e-Zest’s Remote Health Management Framework (RHMF)

With the advent of portable electronic devices to record vitals and health related findings, it has become feasible for healthcare providers to monitor their ...

By Satish Khune Jul 16, 2014

Internet of Things gathering steam in the B2B space

If you are someone who invests for the long haul, it might make sense to lay your bets on companies working on the Internet of Things (IoT). The various ...

By Shashank Venkat Jul 14, 2014

Tech Digest – Week 27, 2014

Cloud Computing significant for small businesses

By Corporate Jul 12, 2014

If you thought mobile apps are not important, think again!

According to latest report by comScore, mobile apps accounted for 51% of all the digital media time spent! Along with this, the report also mentions that ...

By Corporate Jul 11, 2014

Are you ready for the next wave in e-Learning?

Throughout the last decade, Software technology has disrupted many sectors and it continues to do so. This has left many established businesses to only rest on ...

By Ketan Patil Jul 10, 2014

Exploring Swift and iOS 8

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco this year, created quite a flurry with Apple unveiling iOS 8 and some of its major features, ...

By Devashree Sadekar Jul 08, 2014

e-Zest featured in CIO Review 2014

e-Zest Solutions featured as one of the most 20 promising Healthcare software companies in India

e-Zest has been ranked among the 20 most promising ...

By Corporate Jul 08, 2014

TECH DIGEST – Week 26, 2014

Cloud Computing achieves mainstream adoption in the UK

By Corporate Jul 04, 2014

How to Outsource Software Product Engineering?

After my last post, we finally arrive at a crucial juncture of how to outsource software product engineering. Before choosing a product engineering vendor / ...

By Shailesh Gogate Jul 03, 2014

The WorkPlace Is Mobile – Even The President Agrees

The march towards a completely mobile workplace was well and truly joined last week when President Barack Obama issued a Presidential Memorandum on “Enhancing ...

By Corporate Jul 03, 2014

What to Outsource in Product Engineering?

Now that we you may have figured out from my last post, ‘why to outsource’, we could now see what it is that we can or should outsource. One who understands ...

By Shailesh Gogate Jul 03, 2014

Bootstrap Components Customization

Bootstrap has exploded since Twitter released it in 2011, and has become one of the most responsive and popular frameworks available. There are great ...

By Vijay Raut Jul 03, 2014

Wearables and big data get bigger playing field at FIFA World Cup 2014

The 2014 FIFA World Cup, perhaps the world’s biggest sporting tournament, has been a thrilling one till now – high scores, great goals, big bites – it’s all ...

By Shashank Venkat Jul 03, 2014

When to Outsource Software Product Engineering?

Taking it from my last post that talk about ‘why to outsource product engineering’ it only makes sense that we now discuss ‘when to outsource product ...

By Shailesh Gogate Jul 03, 2014

Cloud Computing – The Future of Healthcare

If your hospital has an Information system hosted On-Premise or if you are running desktop applications to manage your practice, you must already have faced a ...

By Shashank Venkat Jul 02, 2014

Why to outsource Product Engineering?

As mentioned in my first post, OPD (Outsourced Product Engineering) has been around for decades. However there still exist so many individuals in an ISV who:

By Shailesh Gogate Jul 02, 2014

Qlikview vs. Tableau

It can be confusing to choose between the two leading data visualizing tools- Qlikview and Tableau

By Aakarsh Sharma Jul 01, 2014

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