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If you thought mobile apps are not important, think again!

Corporate Jul 11, 2014

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According to latest report by comScore, mobile apps accounted for 51% of all the digital media time spent! Along with this, the report also mentions that mobile platforms and devices account for more than 60% of total digital media time spent - up from 50% in 2013. The consumers are shifting to mobile and this is a big milestone.

Mobile devices are clearly changing the way digital information is being consumed and there is no doubt that apps are dominating the digital world. Most companies and brands have come to realize that apps is the way to increase consumer interest, engagement, and loyalty. As more and more users start accessing information on mobile, it has become imperative for brands and businesses to invest in mobile apps.

We believe that the time has come when there needs to be a quick and easy way for app development for small as well as big brands and for every type of app requirement – because brands just can’t afford to spend a whole lot of time and money on long app development cycles.

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