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Tech Digest – Week 10, 2014

Corporate Mar 14, 2014

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Collaboration and Communication-Cloud Computing

Be it huge enterprises, midsize businesses or even small size businesses (also known as SMB’s), Cloud computing has is impressively expanding amid all for sure. The latest Parallels SMB Cloud insights reports reveal that the most appealing attributes contributing to this cloud revolution are communication-collaboration and infrastructure-as-a-service.

The two C’s- Communication and Collaboration:

Reports featured in ChannelPro Network, the predictions point at the small and midsized cloud market growing at almost a 26 percent compound (CAGR), reaching a whopping $ 125 billion by the year 2016. The reports highlight opinions and surveys from companies that have 100 to approximately 999 employees.

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5 things that will remake Big Data in the coming 5 years

All the talk about Big Data may not have mellowed down so much, however there sure is a shift in the way Big Data has evolved in the past few years. Going from being the most repeated, loved Buzzword to an almost hated Buzzword, Big Data has been evolving, including the focus shift of Big Data from Volume to Variety and Velocity. The term Big Data and the technology itself have been through a lot of changes recently. However now we have reached such a place in time where one can safely say that it is finally becoming clearer as to where exactly all this talk is going to lead us?

Today, in this day of technical intelligence and automation, it has become quite easy to source data and chip in intelligence and efficiency into everything such as the transportation systems, mobile apps etc.

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Parameters to consider when deciding between a mobile app and a responsive website

Have you ever pondered over a choice between whether to have a mobile-friendly website or simply have an application? In any given situation you would want to ideally develop both. However if your budget is a hindrance in having to choose only one, then you surely will feel like you are giving upon an opportunity.

Though the cost of an app is way high as compared to a mobile-friendly website, your decision to choosing either the app or the mobile-friendly website should depend on two parameters. Your decision can be based necessarily on reasoning and facts such as what would the choice of your target audience would be? And which is the platform that would make sense out of your content?
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Growth seen in Collaboration Apps Market

In terms of revenue and number of users, Asia Pacific market for enterprise mobile collaboration is one of the fastest growing segments of the unified communications space.

The region already has 5 Billion users frequently accessing enterprise email, voice, messaging and also conference applications on mobile devices. Conferencing applications and Voice will realty drive the overall growth in the mobile collaboration scene, though e mail and messaging continue to dominate the market. Shuishan Lu, a Frost and Sullivan research analyst on Information and Communication Technologies stated that, “The rapid penetration of smartphones and tablets and the popularity of the ‘Bring your own device’ trend have brought a new stage in enterprise mobile collaboration in Asia-Pacific.”

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