Points to remember by businesses while implementing Salesforce

Salesforce is for every business. Whether you are selling clothes, cars or pizza, Salesforce is required by every segment of the workforce. Over the years, Salesforce has managed to influence both businesses and technology groups because Salesforce has accomplished something which no company was able to achieve during the commencement of cloud computing.

Businesses love the idea of Salesforce, as it’s a powerful ecosystem having best CRM features. Salesforce provides a great control over the application, processes and data. It is also an excellent reporting and analytics tool that accelerates project implementation and help businesses to track project whereabouts. For administrators, Salesforce is a blessing, as it allows them to develop full-fledged applications without any technical experience.

Developers and technology enthusiasts like Salesforce as it provides a bunch of outstanding functionalities important for any enterprise application. Salesforce offers excellent ability for security, emails, authentication and collaboration.

Implementing Salesforce can help businesses to sell in a better manner. While implementing, stakeholders must be aware of technicalities and must make sure that the implementation is executed strategically.
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How to develop a successful e-Commerce portal?

e-Commerce shops are starting at a rapid pace and shutting with a similar pace. Ever wondered why such initiatives fade away in competition? A simple reason is lack of sustainability which is achieved by mitigating the risks, and to mitigate the risks one must identify them.

Topics: e-commerce Technology User Experience Digital Technology

Emerging Technologies That Will Drive The Next Technology Wave

Among the technologies that will drive the next big technology wave, we bring you emerging technologies that will change businesses and enterprises of all sizes, specifically in enterprise domain - how we collaborate and get work done.

Topics: IoT Big data Augmented Reality Technology Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning IoT technologies Virtual assistants and bots Automation Emerging technologies Serverless computing Microservices

Role of augmented reality in mobile learning

Augmented reality, known as AR is one of the hot topics in software development paradigm. So what is augmented reality? AR is a concept which offers live view of existing real world environment with computer generated inputs which includes sound, graphics, text and video. However, apart from software ecosystem, AR is being widely used in mobile learning to educate users, owing to the rise of mobile devices.  

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Modernizing IT systems should be every CIOs business priority

In the current times we are living in, one ought to maintain some awareness of what’s happening in the world of technology, especially in the world of emerging technologies. This is more critical to CIOs of companies than anybody else. Modern technologies those are innovative and its impact on enterprise creates a lot of excitement and curiosity around what’s possible. 

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