Rajendra Babtiwale

Currently Rajendra is AVP at e-Zest Solutions Ltd. looking after quality systems of the organization. He is mechanical engineer having experience in automobile domain. He has an exposure for 30+ years (including Godrej and Thermax) in variety of Industries in India and abroad. He has worked on shop floors and in corporate offices. He is associated with Anaar consultancy group in USA and has conducted 1000+, 2 and 3 days workshops on Anaar philosophy for all levels of management to spread Dr. Deming’s philosophy to ‘Become Globally Competitive’. He is on faculty team of MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture) . He is qualified ‘Lead Assessor’ for ISO 9000:2008. He has developed user-friendly methodology for organizations to get ISO 9001:2008 keeping bear minimum documentation and ease of operations.

Recent Posts by Rajendra Babtiwale:

Accounts Receivables (AR) – A proactive approach

During discussion with my colleagues in finance and accounts function, I came to know about the issues faced by the organization due to payments not made by clients. This creates lot of hardship as cash flow planning goes for a toss. Follow up on the receivable adds to the cost of finance and overall it creates a bad test for the organization and its client.

Topics: Accounts Receivables outstanding payments finance accounts

Why customer segmentation is extremely important for SMEs?

Customer is key to success for any business. But which type of customers are we talking about? Organizations, which engage with customers, convert them and delight them through their product or service, survive and thrive among stiff competition. Lot of organizations set up internal systems to deliver quality output, focus on relation building activities and are ready to walk the extra mile to get and retain customers. All out efforts are spent to satisfy/delight existing customers and win references from them to increase business.

Topics: Insights value Creation Technology

Moments of Pride

There are times in life when one is down due to underachievement, low performance, things not happening as per expectations and morale being low. This sometimes happens due to reasons not within one’s control. There are moments of frustration and one starts feeling that it is me against the world. People start feeling that they are losers and unless this mindset gets changed failure is inevitable.

Topics: Team Insights value Creation Innovate self esteem Contribution Communication Collaboration Recognition

The Analogy - Life and a bicycle

The other day I was watching a regional television serial. One of the characters in the serial talked about the similarity between life and a bicycle, this visual triggered off my thought process. While riding bicycle during my exercise schedule in the morning, I kept on thinking about these commonalities and to my surprise I could find many of such similarities between life and a bicycle which I am sharing with you.

Topics: drive Life Duet love Business affection motivation inspiration balance

Processes and Systems with Human Face

Satish was traveling in Europe. He was traveling by a train and had reserved his tickets for 2nd class compartment. Train arrived and he found out that one 2nd class compartment out of two, was closed for passengers as its AC wasn’t working. Remaining one compartment was full of passengers as everybody was accommodated in it.

Topics: empowerment deviation Process exception standard Business customer system

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