Technology Stories Everyone’s Excited About - Week 5, 2015

AWS leading the Cloud Race

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The ‘Discovery’ Phase of Innovation

“As life plays along with its enormity and bliss, we must observe and soak all we can”

Topics: UI/UX

The Best Technology Stories from the Week - Week 4, 2015

Cloud Computing has Eased the Life of Users

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Agile Testing Helps Make Testing Visible

When we say agile, two terms comes to mind immediately - Extreme programming and Scrum. Extreme Programming is a software development method or framework that follows the agile values and principles. It has a specific set of practices to be followed.

Topics: Testing Technology

What are the best use cases for smartwatches?

Going by the status quo, its pretty clear that smartwatches are leading the wearables baton. While tech giants, geeks and entrepreneurs are experimenting with smart ‘everything’ - glass, rings, suits and the likes - watches have clearly managed more consumer adoption. With Apple also offering its own Watch, it wouldn’t be long before they are a more common sight. Probably a cause of worry for all the Citizens and Tag Heuers of the World?

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Connected Global - Intercloud

As the world is moving to cloud at great pace. It has forced to rethink the traditional model of data center based information and application hosting to a new cost effective and efficient model of cloud computing. But while we are hurling ourselves to cloud the limitless computing offered by cloud is getting challenged. CTOs are on lookout for something that will increase the capacity of cloud beyond its own limits and that too seamlessly.

Topics: cloud computing Technology

10 Mobile App Trends Sweeping The Globe in 2015 and Beyond!

As the year comes to an end, trade pundits take to analyzing the trends that were and will be. Experts at e-Zest have collated a list for mobile app trends, from the business and app development perspective.

Topics: Mobile Development Technology

Must Read Technology Stories - Week 3, 2015

Cloud Computing is Transforming Businesses

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How can Businesses Benefit from SharePoint?

As an HR team, you can use SharePoint as a gateway to information. If HR teams provide the business users a portal which looks like Yahoo or MSN with access to not only organization specific content but also industry specific, he/she would relate to it much better. Microsoft has a superb site which is internal to the organization.

Topics: Business Benefits of SharePoint Technology Enterprise Collaboration

Innovation: Service or Process?

The number of books and articles that talk about talking innovation from the famed designer’s clay models to the world all around, is not to sneeze at. More and more firms have appointed Chief Innovation Officers in the last decade, recognizing innovation first as a game changer and later as the competition balancer. Innovation experts have been regularly hired to conduct seminars and full-fledged workshops for startups, mid-sized companies and big players all alike. Gurus have gone so far ahead to even say that innovation is a necessity for survival in any game, be it product or service.

Topics: Innovation Technology

It’s Technology, not Apple, which helps keep your Doctor Away!

Technology is playing a crucial role in the healthcare industry today. Technology, which is improving by the day, is helping physicians to diagnose their patients more effectively. Technology advances in healthcare include software such as EMR (Electronic Medical Record), EHR (Electronic Health Record), mHealth apps, Patient Engagement Solutions, Patient Portals , Imaging/Visualization software, Medical Information System and e-Prescribing solutions among others. There are many devices like biometric tools for patients, along with wearables and mobile/ tablet devices.

Topics: healthcare Technology

How Home Healthcare Solutions can bring down Healthcare Costs?

Imagine a world you don’t have to worry about large healthcare bills because you get treatment at home or early diagnosis of disease. Some may argue that the cost of reaching out to patients is high and tedious. This will call for even more healthcare professionals in the future. However, the answer to this problem lies in collaborating with technology.

Topics: healthcare Technology

Internet of Things (IoT) - Turning Connectivity on its Head

The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to grow significantly, as consumers, businesses, and governments recognize the benefit of connecting devices to the internet. IoT refers to interconnected smart devices with computing ability and uniquely identifiable keys which possess the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. This technology is increasing the connectedness of people and things on a scale that was once unimaginable. IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and the Internet. It is significant because an object that can represent itself digitally becomes something greater than the object by itself. No longer does the object relate just to you; it is now connected to surrounding objects, can communicate and take actions.

Topics: IoT Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of Things Technology

What did 2014 bring for Microsoft?

Microsoft was at its zenith in 2014. There were many strategic moves they had taken in 2014 which are going to impact the business and developer community.

Topics: Microsoft .Net Product Engineering Technology

The coming of pervasive and invisible analytics!

What is the relationship between Beer and Diapers? What role did Analytics play in finding the co-relation between beer and diapers? How did business benefit after finding the co-relation? Could a Business Head find the relationship without the use of Analytics?

Topics: analytics Technology

Fast and Flexibility will be the game changer in Product Engineering

A lot is talked about what kinds of products are being made, current and future investment trends, which technologies are scaling and which are going down. Let’s track how Product Engineering is evolving and making in-roads to develop software products.

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Technology Trends You Should Not Miss - Week 2, 2015

Hybrid Cloud Computing to Rule the Roost in the Future

Topics: Big data SharePoint Future of Collaboration Technology Enterprise Collaboration

An Evening Out with our Bloggers

“Good writing is clear thinking made visible,” writes Bill Wheeler. And that element of clear thinking is visible every time our bloggers pen something. The year 2014 saw as many as 262 blogs being contributed by the blogger community at e-Zest. An effort of this magnitude deserved a celebration. And e-Zest did that in style with the much awaited Bloggers Party 2015 on Jan 8, 2015.

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Technology Week in Review – Week 1, 2015

A Throwback to Cloud Computing in 2014

Topics: Mobile Enterprise Apps - Predictions for 2015 SharePoint Technology

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