e-Zest cricket team crushes Agribuys to enter victory land

Day was bright and sunny with a wicket that suits both batsman and bowlers. Time was 12:30 pm when two captains went to the field and toss was won by e-Zest. e-Zest selected batting and was quietly sitting in the pavilion. They know exactly about the challenge laying in front.

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What e-Zest has that Indian IT industry in general lack?

When I was reading quickly through RSS feeds on offshore software development I came across a list. This list mentioned several points when company thinks of or outsources their software development activity. Almost all the points got covered there.

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India: fastest growing IT market

India is the fastest growing IT services market in Asia Pacific, says a report by IT market research firm Springboard Research. The report estimates the IT services market in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) to touch $55.9 billion mark by 2011, representing a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5 percent.

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SaaS based ERP platforms showing steady growth in 2008

Next few years could be heady time for on-demand service providers.Specifically enterprise application SaaS based platforms like CRM, ERP and business intelligence segments are showing growth above 50% for last couple of years.While majority of the growth is seen in SMB segment, its likely that it will be transformed to mid-market segment in next 4-5 years.    

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e-Zest geared for Cricket!

The start of summer comes with the cricket tournament fever. The weekend slots of team members get filled with Cricket matches and practice which otherwise are occupied with treks, parties, pub and discos.

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Difference between Object Orientation and Service Orientation

It is quite difficult to think in terms of services. Though services are implemented with the help of Object oriented languages We should always remember some basic points while designing the services.

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How to get the running balance from a table with a single SQL Query


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User Driven product development and Innovation

Innovative product design is always a risky proposition.

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Laws for Successful SaaS Businesses

Interesting post from Byron Deeter on Sandhill where they studied more than hundred SaaS companies and came up with following laws for building highly successful SaaS businesses.

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SOA is Business Strategy

Beyond the hype and buzz created by SOA, here are my few thoughts about SOA.

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Signs of economic stagflation in the United States & its impact on offshore outsourcing

In case of economic stagflation (stagnant growth and rising inflation) is US, many are predicting increase in offshore outsourcing. Major reason stated is pressure on margins will ask for more cost savings by offshore outsourcing. I still feel its 50-50 situation. Due to stagflation, less purchasing power as a  result of weak dollar, more skilled resources/job seekers available in local market at lower cost, pressure to save local jobs may hamper outsourcing to great extent.

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Union Budget 08-09 & impact on Indian IT industry

Union Budget is welcome for India as a whole. Its quite inclusive & have much needed focus on inclusive growth. India growth story cannot be continued without making every Indian part of it.

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We had a Green Day and this is not an end!

29th February is a very special day at e-Zest. Not because it is a rare day found in only leap year calendar but because we have started something constructive today at our company. We initiated Green Day!

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