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How to get the running balance from a table with a single SQL Query

Adel Merchant Mar 08, 2008

SQL running balance query Technology


Table structure for Balance table-

Required result from the query -


Like in a Bank's money transaction output, the RunningBalance column
is needed which displays the balance an account holds against that will account

Query to achieve it -

Explanation -

The result is achieved by a self join of the Balances table. The first table b1 returns the complete table output, inner join has two conditions. The first condition 'b1.DateStamp >= b2.DateStamp' is the most important which gives the result for SUM(b2.Amount). The last two records for BalanceID 4 and 6 have the exact same DateStamp hence without the second condition 'b1.BalanceID >= b2.BalanceID' will give same result for the RunningBalance column.

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