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Value Based Care – A shift from traditional volume to outcome driven incentives

Debanjan Purkayastha Aug 03, 2016

Healthcare e-Prescribing value based care volume based care patient engagement clinical decision value based care incentive health management

There is no apathy in the world bigger than not being able to serve a patient because of commercial reasons. The world of healthcare has evolved a long way, thanks to the innovations happening in healthcare settings across the globe. In developed market like US and Europe, healthcare innovations in the space of population health management, patient engagement, point of care, e-prescriptions, clinical decision making are powered by machine learning and cloud interjections. While US and Europe are fast paced and emerging markets, India is still facing challenges in catering the huge demands of healthcare. 

Traditionally, India is a volume based market where physician – patient interaction time is minimal. Although in private settings the situation is better but when it comes to government hospitals, physician patient interaction time is even lesser. By the time a patient starts with his or her issues, doctor starts writing prescriptions. Many a times even for an experienced doctor, this is a big deal; imagine for new health professionals with lesser experience; the chances of errors are more resulting into negative outcomes. 

It is time to shift from volume based care approach to value based care incentive programs. The benefits are many. While healthcare professionals can be incentivized because of the positive outcome, patients definitely get more benefits. So what it means to support a volume based approach for EHR programs. The core of Volume Based approach is about measuring all aspects of healthcare services.

Below are all different aspects that needs to be adopted by health technology providers –

  • Build your system to measure healthcare outcome
  • Measure cost of care
  • Measuring and controlling duplicate services that were not required
  • Tracking each patient and the entire care path
  • Making healthcare delivery accessible to rural areas with innovative technologies like Remote Patient Monitoring solution
  • Building an integrated community of health clinics where a patient can share their history
  • Finally incentivizing physicians for positive outcomes

Some may counter about profitability in healthcare settings; others will look at their processes as an opportunity to make it leaner.

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