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Ucommerce for Kentico Masterclass Training

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Kentico and Ucommerce announced their new technology partnership that provides us one additional tool to create an enterprise-level eCommerce platform in the master toolkit.

Let's find out more about Kentico & Ucommerce and what they do before diving into details.


Kentico is an all-in-one CMS, e-commerce and online marketing platform that drives business results for companies of all sizes, both on-premise and in cloud. Kentico has 1,000 digital agency partners and powers more than 25,000 websites across 100 countries. Kentico is also one of the industry leaders worldwide for web content management platforms.


Ucommerce is a leading software company focused on a commerce first approach. They boast of over 3,000 customers worldwide and a rich set of out-of-the-box features designed to accelerate store development and get you online in no time. It includes a uConnector to enable integration with your ERP system.

Ucommerce has been working with Kentico as their technology partner to provide a new eCommerce offering for the Kentico CMS platform.

The technology partnership between Ucommerce and Kentico is a great step forward for the enterprise eCommerce, but it doesn't mean that you will lose control of Kentico's eCommerce features. We now have two options to choose from so we can deliver better enterprise eCommerce solutions.

Ucommerce is running these training sessions for the developers who have zest for learning new technologies and want to dive deeply in the e-Commerce evolution as part of making this partnership more successful.

Let's discuss about the Ucommerce Master Class training for Kentico. The best thing about the training is that it's totally FREE!

The reason why they are offering a free master class training is because they want to make sure that there are as many developers as possible who will use UCommerce for their e-Commerce platform.

They provide this training onsite & online. They have opted for the online training to make it convenient for developers to access the training from their home or office.

The training lasts for 4-days. Developers who sign up for their course would still have time for their own work during the training. The course therefore is easily accessible and feasible.

To start with this training a developer needs to follow some basics. First, they need to set up Kentico & Ucommerce Accelerator. However, Ucommerce has packaged accelerator & Kentico including SQL bacpac file to make life more easier.

During this training, one has to work through series of examples with Ucommerce's trainers so you can understand the inner-working of Ucommerce. I believe a Kentico developer who works only on the portal engine will see that the development approach on Ucommerce accelerator is slightly different.

Ucommerce's trainers will work with you through a number of predefined exercises during the training to build up a new simple e-commerce store by taking reference from the Ucommerce sample site, Avenue Clothing.The first two days of the training may seem a little slow; the activities are meant to firm up the basic knowledge of the core functionality and mechanism of Ucommerce. Once this is done you will be ready to gain deeper knowledge about the Ucommerce functionality.

The following days participants will dive deeply into some major topics including querying techniques, overriding the catalog context, extending the pipelines, creating custom data types and overriding features such as the tax calculations. So, in order to catch up with all these points developers need to be more alert and need to focus on the training.


By attending Ucommerce masterclass you will get a better understanding of the Ucommerce platform. In just 4 and a-half days one learns how to build shops using best practices and deliver high-quality projects to their customers.

The great part of the Ucommerce framework is that it's very flexible in the creation of anything which is not there in the out-of-the-box functionality and you can even easily modify it as per your business requirements.

Registration Link: https://ucommerce.net/resources/masterclass/sign-up

In essence, the Ucommerce Masterclass will not only help you gain knowledge about the advantages of Ucommerce, but also help you become part of the Ucommerce certification programme.

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