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SharePoint communication sites: Considerations for government organizations

SharePoint communication sites is one of the latest features introduced by Microsoft for Office 365 users. This feature was launched to help the organizations to build user friendly sites by adding dynamic and static content along with interactive images.
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Tech Stories Handpicked for you Week 34, 2017

What’s new in cloud computing?

Are you a Managed Service Provider? If yes, then multi-cloud computing is the next option you should take into consideration. Multi-cloud computing refers to the use of multiple clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google cloud platform.

Topics: Cloud Computing Enterprise mobility management Big Data adopting SharePoint communication sites

Tech stories making the rounds - Week 31, 2017

What’s the future of Business Intelligence in Cloud?

Enterprises today, while migrating to cloud, have fair idea of how to overcome the migration challenges especially in terms of security. As migration challenges are reducing, enterprises are prioritizing on other initiatives. Business intelligence and analytics are those important initiatives.

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Points to remember before you start working with SharePoint Communication Sites

Recently, Microsoft announced SharePoint communication sites. This fresh and dynamic sites are introduced to target wide-range audiences. They are compatible on web, SharePoint mobile app and on PC and Mac where adding content to sites is extremely simple. They have a fantastic layout with multiple sections and columns.

If you are planning to work with SharePoint communication sites, these are the few points you might need to look upon.

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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 27, 2017

Enterprise cloud 2017

Today every enterprises are heavily investing into cloud market. Considering the year 2017, enterprises prefer Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) i.e. enterprise cloud. It provides an ability to manage virtualization and storage by integrating various services.

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