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Elasticsearch made easy with .Net

Elasticsearch made easy with .Net
Let me put this in very simple words. Elastic Search is a database which stores the data in the document format (JSON) and facilitates a speedy search. In technical terms one can say it is a "full text search" on a database that stores the data in document format (JSON) which is indexed and very useful for doing the full text search queries. Elastic Search is a search engine based on "

Topics: Elasticsearch .NET Json

Impact of PSD2: JSON / API testing to be the asset

Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is gaining attraction and attention from everyone around the world. Every day we come across different articles which list down various impacts of PSD2. Not only the banking industry, but a lot of other industries will also be affected by it. Today, let’s know how it is going to affect JSON/API testing. It is expected that once in effect, PSD2 will require banks to provide programming interfaces (APIs) to their customers’ accounts.
Topics: PSD2 Json Payment Service Directives

How to write/create Unit Test in Angularjs 2.0 using jasmine core

In this blog I have used Angular RC1 latest upgraded version to implement unit testing using jasmine core.

Topics: JavaScript Angular JS 2.0 Jasmine Angular JS RC1 Unit Test Angular.js Json

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