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Website or mobile app? The changing online business environment

Mobile apps have gained popularity in the recent business scenario because of their contribution to growth and development of any business. There is a sudden rise in the development of mobile apps since a few years now. Let us look at a few possibilities of how custom mobile applications would change the market scenario and how they are going to impact the necessity of websites.

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IBM and Xamarin partnership to boost enterprise mobility

IBM has tied up with Xamarin to help developers build great native apps across iOS, Android and Windows platforms which can be easily linked to enterprise data and systems. This move comes as a result of the growing need for enterprise systems to be made available on smartphones.

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MBAAS - Mobile Backend as a Service

Recently when we started working on our new iOS project, the client server communication and its importance was being emphasized upon and was clearly the highlight of the discussion. Also some concerns such as the delay in meeting deadlines owing to a lot of time consumption and the required number of resources also had us thinking and discussing various ways to solve such issues.

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Tech Digest – Week 31, 2012

Google's Partner Program looks to get more businesses into the Cloud

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