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Tech Stories Handpicked for you- Week 41, 2018

Blockchain Hackathon

e-Zest is organizing a blockchain hackathon tomorrow. Here's their take on how to make the most of your event.

Read more:  https://hubs.ly/H0f6jmF0

News Organizations get cloud credit worth $100,000

With a wide range of tools, Cloud technology can be tailored to each news organization's unique needs.

Read more:  https://hubs.ly/H0f6jnq0
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Ready-to-use steps to analyze the KPIs with Google Analytics data

If you run an online business, you need to continuously evaluate its performance to understand whether you are progressing in line with the revenue goal. Speaking about e-commerce, with such a wide range of indicators, it is easy to get lost and let the core business metrics out of your sight.

This post is to provide you with the ready-to-use steps to calculate the most strategic KPIs with the help of Google Analytics data.
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KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) one can’t ignore to charge Magento performance

In the last blog we discussed the various aspects of e-commerce KPI metrics and why following the outward-driven-customer-centric approach is advantageous for those seeking high growth in terms of the charging-up the performance of e-commerce portal. In this blog, we shall explore the important Key Performance Indicators for your Magento platform.
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Why e-commerce KPI should be outward driven and not inward?

To identify the metrics that help your online business grow is the key to improve your business and marketing decisions. Measuring those KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can track your progress and help you reassure you are proceeding in the right direction. This is the reason why most successful e-commerce businesses are metrics obsessed and they regularly monitor the website. These metrics must be outward bound and not inward bound. By saying outward bound i mean being customer-centric that are decided by factors outside your organization and not inside your organization.
Topics: eCommerce KPI eCommerce Digital Commerce

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