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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 19, 2015

Corporate May 09, 2015

Enterprise Collaboration through social integratio Open source platform for Cloud Technology


Cloud Foundry: An Open source platform for Cloud

IBM started the revolution in the software industry by selling the hardware and software in a bundled package. That is the starting point for many software service companies and their platforms which come into business. One such platform is the Cloud open source platform, one of the first open source PaaS platforms. Making Cloud an open source platform lets many technology enthusiasts share their knowledge in driving the growth of the cloud technologies and can drive its success. Many startups, ISVs and even large organizations are talking about their offerings in cloud.

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Dirty data creating problems in Marketing

Dirty data is the data which is not trusted or authentic in nature. Obviously, it is not a good approach to rely completely on such data for business operations. Take the example of a sales operation where the primary stage involves building the database of prospects. This has to be done precisely. It is not easy to access email ids and contact numbers of probable customers since it is difficult to find a reliable source. There can be multiple profiles of same person available on the internet.

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Why are companies not embracing Enterprise Mobility?

There are two major reasons why companies hesitate to go mobile for their enterprise solutions: Some of the companies don’t know where and how to start and how to start while some companies believe that the transition to mobile would be difficult. There are three trends that every company should consider before adopting the mobile strategy: 1) Cyber Security: Because BYOD causes a security headache as it is difficult to distinguish from private and public work, 2) Industrial Applications: Need for industrial applications is growing because mobile applications are bringing the partners, customers and employees closer. 3) Contextual and Actionable Data: Providing actionable data to employees on mobile will increase their productivity.

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Enterprise Collaboration through social integration

Intranet portals should depict the culture of the organization. Initially, intranet portals only served the purpose of static content management for employees but the integration of Social tools has made them more dynamic. They are now actively facilitating collaboration in the organization. Employees look for four attributes from the intranet portals:

  • Communication-centric
  • Self-service-centric
  • Collaboration-centric
  • Information workplace


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