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Tech news that’s exciting us - Week 35, 2015

Corporate Aug 28, 2015

million investment in OpenStack Company Collaboration tools Technology Indian enterprise mobility market

Technology trends week 35

Intel leads $100 million investment in OpenStack Company

Intel is betting big on the future of cloud services. The tech giant has led a $100 million funding in an OpenStack Company Mirantis. This investment will help Mirantis optimize its features and gain wider acceptance in the industry. In just five years, OpenStack has become one of the leading cloud platforms for global companies

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How Big Data helped HP organize its fleet of vehicles?

HP is a huge company with a fleet of around 6000 vehicles. If the company could drive efficiencies in the system, it could translate into a lot of savings. With tracking devices which collected data on various parameters, HP found out the various inefficiencies in fleet management. The insights also revealed that Shell was the most used gas station. HP worked out a deal with Shell where the vehicle with less gas would be alerted to the availability of a nearby Shell station. Shell, in turn, would give the company a $0.10 discount on gas. HP is hoping to save $433,000 with the deal.

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VMware targets the Indian enterprise mobility market

VMware, a leading cloud services and business mobility solutions provider, is targeting the Indian mobility market. The company hopes to capitalize on $2.3 Billion enterprise mobility market in India. The market is on the rise thanks to an ever increasing mobile subscriber base. The enterprise mobility solutions industry includes devices, applications, middleware, security and professional services.

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Millennial workforce dissatisfied with traditional collaboration tools

Many employees now understand the benefits of collaboration but are restricted by the traditional tools at their disposal. To tackle this, knowledge workers are using consumer grade tools and even using personal emails and public document sharing tools. Very few think about the security implications that come with using consumer grade solutions. The modern breed of employees need tools where they can collaborate efficiently. These tools should be mobile, user-friendly, intuitive and should take into account security and compliance.

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