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Tech Digest – Week 52, 2013

Corporate Dec 27, 2013

Cloud Collaboration in 2014 Team Future of Amazon Workspaces Android App ‘Vote for Better India’ Big Data in 2014 Technology

Future of Amazon Workspaces and what lies behind the scenes?

On the surface Amazon’s latest entry - Amazon Workspaces could well be tagged as a desktop service, but there is seems to be a lot more than that and a strong strategy appears to be present behind the scenes that may succeed in attracting a strong customer base into Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

In order to break free from the company’s data center, a need for escape velocity for enterprise applications to move onto cloud seems inevitable. The use of scoreboards is quite common with organizations that want to rationalize as to which applications will make it to the public cloud and which ones will remain in house.

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Big Data in 2014

Big data is quite a big deal and the trend has been so for quite some time now. Though there have been claims by few that big data and analytics revolution was only a technology fad, one that was bound to start waning out with time, the trend seemed to have only picked up its pace and is proving to be more and more valuable to businesses of all sizes and streams. Not only has this established the dominance of BI initiatives and that it had a major role to play in the year 2013, but in fact all notable symptoms also point to these platforms becoming even more important and useful in the year 2014.

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Android App ‘Vote for Better India’ released to help voter registration

A smart phone application dedicated to help unregistered voters in India in particular for the youth has been developed by some Indian-American youth in US recently. This application has been developed to help such voters register their names in the electoral rolls.

Aptly named “Vote for a Better India”, the android app was unveiled over the weekend at the time of an event titled ‘Big ideas for a Better India’ organized by ‘Overseas Volunteer for Better India (OVBI)’. This event was addressed by spiritual guru Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, of the Art of Living foundation.

“This android app will primarily be used to empower Voteathon -an inter-college voter registration competition. This competition is expected to have over 10,000 participating colleges participate with the sole intention of registering over 30 million voters” said the event organizers.

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Top 5 ways to implement Cloud Collaboration in 2014

Moving from building massive intranet solutions usually developed and maintained by internal IT organizations, the momentum for enterprise collaboration has shifted towards more flexible and cost effective cloud based collaboration platforms over the past decade.

In a recent survey conducted by of over 2,438 IT executives and technology decision makers in the US, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, it was found that almost 56% have moved on to or plans to move some of their collaboration systems to cloud. Cloud’s cost efficiency added to the speed and capability of these web-based collaboration platforms, sees data moving to the cloud grow exponentially.

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