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Tech Digest – Week 42, 2012

Corporate Oct 19, 2012

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Bob conference: Cloud Computing wreaking havoc on old IT models

Cloud is becoming a ‘must’ in businesses and is rapidly taking over the old IT models. The rate of change is putting pressure on everybody to adapt, ultimately the organizations that do well are going to win. Any company that is living off a product-centric revenue stream and dependent on that for their profitability and success should better be on the move, or they may get lost in the race.

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Big Data versus Business Intelligence: two technologies on a collision course

Though BI market is seeing robust growth, Big Data analytics is challenging the use of traditional tools. Big Data analytics products are proving to be a compelling alternative to traditional Business Intelligence. In fact, Big Data and Business Intelligence markets appear to be on a collision course. This change in the Business Intelligence and Analytics market is on Gartner’s radar too. In their recent Magic Quadrant paper, Gartner sees the BI market as ‘bifurcating’ into two groups: the traditional Enterprise BI tools and a newer set of products which includes Big Data analytics that Gartner is calling ‘Data Discovery platforms’. Its report says that “The chasm between these segments continues to deepen because business users find the benefits of using data discovery tools so compelling that they make this choice despite the risk of creating fragmented silos of data, definitions and tools.”

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Native, web, or hybrid: How to choose your mobile development path

The enterprise is getting serious about developing and delivering mobile business apps. But whether the goal is to spread news, sell products, collaborate with business partners, or push mobile apps as products in themselves, the constant emergence and evolution of mobile platforms have many IT organizations wondering how best to execute the vision and what tools and methodologies they should implement to deliver their apps to the right audience at the right time, regardless of the device.

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5 Tips for choosing the right Enterprise Social Platform

Enterprise social networks (ESNs) help employees to collaborate across departments, geographies and organizations, breaking down silos while fostering more engaged employees. ESNs also offer a means of aligning knowledge workers to a company’s mission, values and overall strategy. Finally, employees can work together better and smarter by socializing their business operations. While use cases for social business vary from company to company, there are five key requirements for selecting an enterprise social network that should not be overlooked, the key requirements being:

  1. Inspires voluntary adoption
  2. Socially connects all of your enterprise systems
  3. Scales across your customers, employees and partners
  4. Offers robust administrative controls
  5. Resources for customer success

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