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Tech Digest – Week 22, 2013

Corporate May 31, 2013

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Business Cloud Computing: Privacy is just as important as security

Many feel that privacy and security are indifferent or one will be covered when you are addressing the other. However, that’s not the truth. Having experience of handling endless security threats, cloud providers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and capable in addressing security related issues. But privacy issues are not address to much depth.

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How big data and technology are shaping the consumer landscape?

As digital technology has become integral part of our lives it has become difficult to define ideal customer demographic. The way customers comprehend brands has changed through multiple channels and multiple ways. Now companies has to prepare themselves to understand real-time data which helps them understand their consumer better.

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Supermarkets and banks hold the key to mass adoption of mobile payments

Surveys conducted for consumers willing to embrace mobile payment facility revealed that they would like to go ahead with it only if supermarkets start accepting it. And many have suggested that they would make more payments if their banks provide a solution around it. So if mobile payment has to go mass market then supermarkets and banks needs to come forward.

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Staff demand Enterprise Social tools

A survey suggests that employees are seeking more ways to improve productivity, collaboration and team work and they see enterprise social tools as the solution for it. Also, it is important for organization to look at enterprise social tools as imperative as workers and executives are already carry computing power with internet in their hands.

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