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Tech Digest – Week 21, 2013

Corporate May 24, 2013

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Cloud Computing gains another competitor with Google

To compete with the cloud platform, there is a contender presented by Google which is really doing well. At an event, the technocrats announced that its Compute Engine will now be available to any users, not only those who have Google Gold support. It would provide a good performance, hosted environment for running virtual machines, it will be billed in instances in very small instances, the core instances will be shared for low-intensity workloads and advanced routing features have been added for creating gateways and VPN servers.

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Applying Business Intelligence to Big Data for security

There is a lot to be said about big data and security. The question arises that how is Big Data and security co-related? Certainly there is a lot of data associated with security. The Big Data is stored as events in a bunch of logs. A large amount of Big Data can be captured on the network and parsed into events and records of network activity. Security and Big Data is about relating security intelligence with the right collected data.

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First look: Mobile Android Studio with rich layout and build capabilities

The role of an android developer is very straightforward, download Eclipse and install the Android developer tools. The tools are responsible for doing the job. But now, Google is screwing things by shipping the new Android Studio, an IDE that promises a leap forward to Android developers everywhere. Even though it is now called as “Android Studio” and it is from Google, many developers of Java will instantly identify the toolkit as a version of IntelliJ IDEA, which is the IDE from JetBrains with a devoted following.

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Jive Software adds integration tool for its enterprise social platform

The collaboration software supplemented to its enterprise social networking (ESN) software that automates and simplified the process of integrating Jive’s suite with third party systems. The addendum is based on technology Jive acquired. The extra links in the ESN suite with the popular servers of email and with the DropBox cloud storage app. The next step would be to integrate Jive’s product with ERP and CRM.

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