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Tech Digest – Week 09, 2014

Corporate Mar 07, 2014

Mobile Big Data Collaboration in Cloud SharePoint Technology

Cloud benefits both small and large businesses

Cloud does a great job and is indeed a great enabler when it comes to businesses both big and small. Cloud confers scalability and flexibility both at the same time and to businesses of all sizes delivering several benefits. Today, Cloud is seen as the ideal business platform what with the rapidly changing business models that are driven by the need to address online and mobile demands, and the way it has become a challenge to manage growth of Big Data in the business world.

Collaboration in Cloud:

With the intention of better supporting business performance, the new IT service delivery model revolves and is based on collaboration. With Cloud at the center stage, several collaborative technologies are built around social media platforms.

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It’s School Time for Big Data Now

Taking a cue from business, Big Data is now being harnessed by Public Schools all over the nation in a bid to help many district schools make better hiring decisions, improve the overall student outcomes and also in a way help government use their education money more effectively and constructively.

As a result this may lead to more number of successful students, better and more finely tuned administration policies and even better teacher retention.

You can now find these Big Data applications in the classrooms including creation of adaptive learning courses guiding students through lessons. This facilitates individual success. Other applications however are solely aimed at administration jobs and the schools they work for.

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10 topmost Mobile skills, which every IT pro must master: Future Watch

Gartner’s distinguished analyst Nick Jones in a blog post recently outlined 10 mobile technologies and related skills that companies will need to master in the next 2 to 3 years of time. In addition to the above he also cited the importance of training for all enterprise IT staff, especially so since this is a time when mobile technology has been in an ever evolving stage with new upcoming new trends and strengths along with newer risks.

The top 10 mobile technologies that are highly critical to master by the end of the year 2016 are listed out by Gartner and Jones and here’s a quick glimpse depicting a few details of these technologies,

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Is it so long for SharePoint by Microsoft?

At the current annual SharePoint conference in Vegas hosted by Microsoft; the word of the week seems to be “social.” However the real, big news seem to have been long buried in a blog post by Jared Spataro, GM- Enterprise Social at Microsoft. It was well admitted by Jared that SharePoint is going away.

After Microsoft acquired Yammer, analysts worldwide wondered how Microsoft would be integrating the new service ‘social’, with all the internal efforts to make the company’s vast product suite more and more ‘social.’ It looks like SharePoint social is clearly losing out to Yammer and the new features in Office 365.

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