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Tech Digest – Week 06, 2013

Corporate Feb 08, 2013

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Cloud computing, Managed services to drive IT growth in 2013

Demands are always compensated with concerns in fields like cloud computing, big data and mobility. A non-profit association for the IT industry, CompTIA, has forecasted a strong demand for technology and has also acknowledged caution for the industry. As per their forecasting project, there will be around 3 percent growth rate in the global IT industry this year. The percentage growth of U.S market however has been estimated at 2.9 on the lower end, with a potential of reaching 4.9 percent.

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It’s not Big Data Vs. Creative: It’s Big Data AND Creative

There are many innovational disciplines that have been dominating the marketing industry nowadays. The experience of the customer has focused on creative professionals who produce high impact visual presentations. With the emergence of the digital media over the last 20 years, it has followed the lead of the broader marketing industry, remaining focused on powerful creative content displayed on technological channels and devices. However, the digital media industry has not yet integrated insights from data into the creative process.

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Google Android app development outpacing Apple iOS

There is a quick pace noticed in the development of Google ecosystem. This is signifying Apple losing out on its first – mover advantage in mobile. The sales of Android apps in the Google Play store has shown considerable growth in the fourth quarter of 2012, while the growth in sales of Apple apps has slowed in comparison. According to Google, app sales doubled in the fourth quarter, while sales of Apple apps for iOS-based iPhones and iPads increased by 20 per cent.

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Document management roll-up: Nuxeo preparing for SharePoint 2013 migrations this year

The document management space is in news nowadays with vendors and enterprises eagerly waiting for the release of SharePoint 2013 along with Nuxeo planning migration of SharePoint 2013 this year itself. Nuxeo has been making strides over the past couple of years, but since the past few days it is in news more than ever due to the release of some figures which are signifying all the changes that they have brought in the document management service arena with its persistent efforts.

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