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Salesforce Data Analysis

Narendra Joshi Oct 30, 2012

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Everybody now knows that Sales data analysis provides visibility to sales pipeline, customers, expected revenue, targeted sales performance and so on...

It is also important to know whether we have the “Right” sales team in today’s competitive world. Due to the changing business environments and the roles and responsibilities, it is vital to know whether our sales team is up to the mark to cope up with this dynamic market and business environment.

Analysis of the Saleforce Data provides this opportunity to find out the gaps if any exists, likely trends and supportive facts to tweak the sales force, targeted markets and sales & marketing plan if needed.

The Saleforce data analysis allows business decision makers in identifying the profile of leads and their success rates in qualifying those leads. The sales analysis is helpful in designing and improving the management of lead pipeline. This analysis is also useful to identify impact of competitors on the sales cycle. Various reports and dashboards and used to monitor the entire sales pipeline and improve forecasting of revenues and closure rate.


Apart from this, this analysis also has other vital benefits not limiting to –

  • Better alignment of sales team towards business goal
  • Analyzing upward, downward trends in sales performance & sales retention
  • Optimizing leadership efforts
  • Identifying targeted sales performance and recommendations
  • Enhancing the focused team performance
  • Identifying skill training to enhance the performance


The detailed analytical reports and dashboards provides the information on -

  • Opportunity pipeline and pipeline by sales person, account, product etc.
  • Time based analysis of opportunities pipeline by year, quarter, month, week along with comparison with last year, quarter, month, week etc.
  • Forecasted v/s actual sales figures Win / lose trends and percentages.
  • Analysis based on reasons of won/ lost, by competitor, by product etc.

Today, many business intelligence tools are providing direct / indirect connectors to interact with the SalesForce data. One can leverage this benefit and integrate the analysis into existing web portals, CRMs, SharePoint etc. to help business users in taking informed decisions.

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