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Realising a dream - “Technology to enable affordable healthcare for masses”

Shrikant Shingane Oct 07, 2016

Healthcare Technology


Delighted that e-Zest’s strategic investment got series A funding, congratulations Neurosynaptic! This has been an exemplary contribution towards our dream of 'making affordable healthcare available to masses' by Sameer Sawarkar and Rajeev Kumar. It gives me great pleasure to see more hands and talented minds joining our vision. I welcome on board Nagaraja Prakasam (Indian Angel Network) and Dr.Pinak Shrikhande of Healthquad. I would also like to thank Axilor Ventures for placing their trust in Neurosynaptic.

A couple of years ago, we at e-Zest were seeking a partner to augment our offering in our core healthcare segment with IoT and device expertise around our cloud analytics and mobility offerings. When we evaluated Neurosynaptic, the sheer possibility of creating a collaborative impact on the life of masses was a deal clincher... All this while achieving desired strategic alignment and numerous business possibilities!

The journey has not been easy but definitely one to relish for times to come. Long sessions on product and technology modernization, brainstorming over segments and offerings, discussions on innovation and monetization strategies, reviews of the execution plan, etc. have made it memorable. I am sure there will be plenty more interesting moments coming our way.

I'm a conversationist and people close to me know that quite well. Having said that, I must admit, I feel extremely proud to bring up Neurosynaptic in almost all my conversations. And why not - to make healthcare accessible in 30 districts covering more than 2,000 villages, with over 8,000 health operators and reaching 50 million people in India alone! - I believe that is one 'helluva' feat!

And to think this is just the beginning!

Shrikant Shingane (Shree) 
Member of the Board, Neurosynaptic Communications Pvt. Ltd. 
Managing Director, e-Zest Solutions GmbH

Coverage for the funding as covered by leading news agencies:

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