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Digital Commerce in Healthcare

Abhinav Gupta Sep 28, 2018

Healthcare Digital Commerce eCommerce

Successful digitization of consumer goods sale has brought in new avenues in healthcare e-commerce space which has been rather a closed market space and heavily dependent on healthcare service provider. Now healthcare market dynamics are changing rapidly and drifting from provider to patient, especially after recent healthcare reforms mandating improvement in the quality of care and reduction in cost.

These healthcare reforms and regulatory measures in the US and Europe have gained significant urge for improved quality, operational efficiency, and cost reduction by adopting best practices and meaningful use of health information.

Healthcare organizations, hospitals and medical consumable and pharmacy suppliers are focusing on enhanced operational efficiency, automating their entire supply chain and maximized savings with affordable cloud-based EDI and regulatory complaint e-commerce platforms.

The major focus areas for healthcare digital commerce are:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduction in costs
  • Improved accuracy
  • Greater responsiveness – reliability, availability, and portability of health information
  • Standardization of clinical and insurance reimbursement process
  • Standardization of data communication (EDI) across healthcare value chain
  • Patient health information security and confidentiality
Considering above fact healthcare service providers and suppliers have joined together and evolved value proposition using healthcare digital commerce portals connecting the patient with entire healthcare landscape beginning from online consultation, remotely monitored care plans to medical consumables, medical devices, personal hygiene, fitness, nutrition and beauty products.

Seamless integration between supply chain, ERP and clinical systems

Healthcare service providers and medical suppliers have merged together with the right technology partner and brought in the seamless integration of entire supply chain procurement and delivery which is fully integrated with any ERP, EMR or EHR. Previously EHR, EMR, and HIS were not linked with supply chain particularly for pharmacy and medical devices. This initiative has not only improved operational efficiency but also improved customer experience.


Additionally patient can take physician consultation remotely via telemedicine solution. Pharma manufacturers and medical device suppliers are also providing integrated solutions enabling patients to share health data with physician EMR.

One stop shop for cash and insurance purchases

We at e-Zest have already implemented an e-Commerce portal for one of enterprise client selling the medical device. Our solution encompasses both traditional online payments for uninsured customers and also offers complete reimbursement cycle for insured customers.

Incorporating cashless pay (insurance reimbursement) in e-commerce portals resulted in increased sales volume. The patient can purchase drugs and pharmacy and health monitoring devices from the same marketplace with both options of cash and cashless pay. If covered under the insurance plan, they don’t need to depend on traditional time-consuming hospital drove health claim reimbursement processes.

Health monitoring devices

Use of home health monitoring and diagnostic devices such as BP monitor, and pulse oximeters etc. are increasing day by day as they are very easy to use and helpful in personal healthcare. These devices have introduced new methods of patient care monitoring. Patient health data collected by these devices can be shared with physician EMR via a mobile app. These devices are easily available over e-commerce portals. Also, these portals provide excellent shipment and delivery facility along with 24x7 customer support.

Pharmacy e-Store

Apart from prescription drugs, pharmaceutical companies find it relatively easy to sale their non-prescription drugs and OTC products through digital commerce portals. It is an easy and cost-effective option especially for both prescription and non-prescription drugs, nutritional and beauty products.

Security, confidentiality and regulatory compliance

Safety, security, and confidentiality of patient personal and clinical information are utmost important. All digital commerce platforms selling the pharmacy, medical devices through GDPR, HIPAA, and FDA compliant practices ensuring patient/customer safety and security. It is mandatory to ensure patient personal and diagnostic information safe, secure and confidential as per regulatory requirements directed by government agencies and regulatory bodies. There are strict laws and penalty clause from governments hence all healthcare digital commerce companies emphasizing on data security, confidentiality, and reliability.

Digital commerce definitely provides a great value to healthcare companies as they provide the new avenue to reach out to customers and at the same time impacting the user experience positively.

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