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Bridging the Digital Divide Part II – Why is it so important to cross the Digital Divide?

Sneha Aug 22, 2016

Digital Divide


In the previous blog, you read about the Digital Divide, its effects and why and how mainly it is increasingly becoming a social issue.

Inspite of so many technological advancements happening around us why are we lagging behind to reach the benefits of technology for the critical mass! It’s rather shocking that this is a global scenario where out of current global population only 30% of them are online. This makes the remaining 70% less informed and less connected that includes the young, old, and less privileged of certain geographies.

The key causes of Digital Divide are-

  • The increasing cost of accessing the Internet
  • Lack of knowledge on technology and its benefits
  • Lack of access to mobile web due to affordability

To bridge this gap of digital divide, we must think of creating new innovations to the pervasive problems of disconnected 'critical mass'. At e-Zest, our innovation center persistently tries to build solutions that empower the disconnected by educating the young, helping the patients, uplift societies and citizens. We put together our innovation best that provides information and enables communication on-the-go. These simple yet powerful solutions have so far made many lives better regardless of being connected to the internet or not.

Right from enabling offline learning offering education on-the-go, improving farming operations to emergency response system for NGOs our solutions have touched the lives of citizens in remote areas and non-English speaking countries, farmers, agriculturalists, patients, in addition to NGOs, and government organizations, empowering them to reap the benefits of technology.

We believe It's only when the IT and communication technologies reach the critical mass can innovation happen anywhere. To empower all of humanity to reach its true potential should be the goal of every nation and its technology stakeholders and it only makes sense to empower citizens that enables them to stay connected and lift themselves.

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