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Tushar Khirid

Tushar works in Strategic Account Management at e-Zest. A Master in Business Management with specialization in Marketing. His hobbies include playing cricket and watching movies and and is passionate about Automobiles and Gadgets.

Recent Posts by Tushar Khirid:

How Tech Is Improving Healthcare!

The marriage of technology and healthcare has never been so mature. Technology innovations across mobile, tablets, wearables, sensors and micro-technologies have found smart use in healthcare. And this in turn is helping patients and doctors in multiple ways.

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EHRs quickly becoming Indispensable in Medicine

EHRs (Electronic Health Records) were introduced to reduce the paper work of physicians and nurses and help them to concentrate more on their practice. But EHRs really saving time of doctors? More importantly, how many physicians are really using EHR?

Topics: healthcare Technology EHR

It’s Technology, not Apple, which helps keep your Doctor Away!

Technology is playing a crucial role in the healthcare industry today. Technology, which is improving by the day, is helping physicians to diagnose their patients more effectively. Technology advances in healthcare include software such as EMR (Electronic Medical Record), EHR (Electronic Health Record), mHealth apps, Patient Engagement Solutions, Patient Portals , Imaging/Visualization software, Medical Information System and e-Prescribing solutions among others. There are many devices like biometric tools for patients, along with wearables and mobile/ tablet devices.

Topics: healthcare Technology

The Evolution of EHRs

Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is the most commonly used term for software which provides functionality to store, access and use medical information of patients. EHRs (or EMRs) reduce paper work of physicians and helps them to concentrate more on their patients. Many hospitals and clinics prefer EHRs over paper records to store patient information and medical data. EHRs allows physicians to access patient information and medical history anytime and update new information easily.

Topics: EMR healthcare Technology

Patient Engagement Wars: Rise of mHealth

A new era in patient engagement has just begun. Better health outcomes, patient care and lower costs are being achieved through one strategy called patient engagement. The concept of patient engagement is increasingly getting acceptance by both healthcare providers and patients. But the core responsibility of patient engagement lies with neither of them.

Topics: healthcare development healthcare solutions healthcare consulting services healthcare Technology mHealth

Current trends in mHealth

With the introduction of HealthKit for Apple’s iPhone6, there is going to be a major impact for the overall growth of the healthcare industry. HealthKit allows the user to monitor and track personal health metrics and creates Electronic Health records/Personal Health records and also has features to send this record to a physician/doctor. Apple is already partnering with vendors like Epic to share EHR data through the tool.

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