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Supriya Acharya

Supriya Acharya is a Quality Assurance Manager at e-Zest. She has more than a decade of work experience, with eight years in QMS implementation. She is an Electrical Engineer, a qualified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 and qualified internal auditor for ISO 14001 and ISO 27001. Supriya's expertise lies in implementation and management of QMS, auditing QMS and reviews of project health. Apart from learning about new QMS standards, she enjoys reading and singing.

Recent Posts by Supriya Acharya:

The Journey of Quality Management System (QMS) towards Business Management System (BMS)

ISO 9001:2015 standard is now arrived and it is one more step towards revolution in the QMS implementation. Actually there are many transformations in the ISO 9001 standard since 1987. Just have a glance.

Topics: Quality Management System(QMS) Business Management System(BMS)

Risk Management – A proactive approach in Project/Process Management

Risk Management is going to be a mandatory requirement for all ISO standards. Until now, risk management was a requirement of CMMI Level III and above, and ISO 27001. In ISO 9001:2008, risk management is not a standard requirement. But with the upcoming edition of ISO 9001 in the year 2015, risk-based thinking will be an approach of the standard. This is a more proactive approach. The organization and its functions have to act proactively and identify risks and issues in all their projects/processes.

Topics: Technology Quality Assurance

Analogy between ISO 9001:2008 standard and routine life

I have been working on the ISO 9001 standard since the past 8 years. Establishing processes, preparing new templates and mechanisms is a great experience. But since the ISO 9001 standard is very generic, it made me relate it to our life in general. There is an upcoming edition of ISO 9001 in this year. But I have put forth this comparison with the 2008 edition, while implementing the standard.

Topics: Technology Quality Assurance

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