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Shailesh Gogate

Shailesh is Vice President, Product Engineering Services at e-Zest. He has 20 years of experience in Business Development and Sales in Product Engineering services. A Microsoft Certified Professional, he is currently engaged in evangelizing product engineering services and assisting software products within the domain of Healthcare and e-learning; with technology focus on Cloud and Big Data. His hobbies include travelling and trekking.

Recent Posts by Shailesh Gogate:

Process of Product Innovation - Can it be structured?

Few years ago while attending an event at IIT Chicago, I came across a book “Process of Innovation”. When I started reading it, I realized it’s too complex for me to go through each of the theorems mentioned in the book. As a result an impression was created in my mind – I cannot innovate. The impression was so strong that over a period of time any topic around innovation used to scare the hell out of me (given that I like to learn new thoughts and processes).

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Assisting startups with non-core Product Management

During the past 14 years of e-Zest, we have built hundreds of products. We have interacted and worked with many successful and not so successful Product Managers, and have learned a lot. Here are some of the things product managers do (at a very high level):

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Customer success is the key to SaaS Success

B2B SaaS products have been around for more than a decade now. Almost every day there is a new B2B SaaS product being launched in the market replacing all the competing products. Sky is the limit to grow SaaS products in the markets that they cater to. Fraction of the SaaS eco-system has been successful. Majority of mid-size and small SaaS products are eagerly waiting to cross the line of success. Now let us take a look at ‘what are the key aspects of SaaS businesses which need to be measured to arrive at success or failure?

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How to Outsource Software Product Engineering?

After my last post, we finally arrive at a crucial juncture of how to outsource software product engineering. Before choosing a product engineering vendor / partner, one has to carry out the task with due diligence. The best way to begin is to start listing a few points as follows:

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What to Outsource in Product Engineering?

Now that we you may have figured out from my last post, ‘why to outsource’, we could now see what it is that we can or should outsource. One who understands details of product development cycle (initiation to sunset) is better placed to identify what to outsource. Identify gaps which need to be plugged in by a partner/vendor. As the phrase goes ‘Partner with your weaknesses’; these gaps need to be filled in by the chosen vendor. While choosing a vendor, map their strengths against your weaknesses. Finding a perfect match will be a challenge that said; the match should be closer to 85% of your requirements.

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When to Outsource Software Product Engineering?

Taking it from my last post that talk about ‘why to outsource product engineering’ it only makes sense that we now discuss ‘when to outsource product engineering’. A lot depends on different elements though. To begin with one has to think through following elements while engaging with a vendor / partner (more of an internal check list):

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