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Anagha Thorat

Anagha is graduated in Computer Science and Engineering. She is working with e-Zest in Cloud Computing AWS. Her hobbies include cooking, watching movies, travelling, playing outdoor and indoor games.

Recent Posts by Anagha Thorat:

Installing and setting HDFS cluster through Ambari

Apache Ambari is an open source management tool/platform for managing, provisioning, securing and monitoring the Hadoop Cluster. It also allows to install and configure Hadoop Cluster. It makes it easier by creating a cluster and also installs the required packages on its own.
Topics: Apache Ambari Ubuntu

SSL Encryption using Let’s Encrypt on AWS EC2 Amazon Linux

What is Let’s Encrypt:

Topics: SSL SSL encryption AWS Amazon Linux AWS EC2 Amazon Linux

Troubleshooting with Nginx

  • Introduction

What is Nginx?

Topics: Nginx Troubleshooting with Nginx

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