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Transforming Multi-channel to Unified Commerce

As per the recent Gartner's report, more than 50% of digital enterprises both B2B and B2C hold the ultimate responsibility for digital commerce to enable strong digital commerce strategies that deliver impact, insight, and outcomes.

Changing buying behaviors and lifestyle choices of today's consumers are rapidly transforming the commerce environment. Competitive pressures of pure-play e-commerce players and modern digital business models are causing drastic changes.
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Tech news doing the rounds- Week 28

Technology news e-Zest
Your customers will determine the future of retail

Technology has reshaped the face of global retail. With billions of people spending more time online each day, the way we buy things has evolved. Physical shops are becoming obsolete.

Read more: https://hubs.ly/H0d00Xz0

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Inspire-Ready at Microsoft’s annual partner conference of the year

Meet e-Zest at Microsoft Inspire 2018
My favourite time of the year is soon approaching and no it’s not ringing Christmas bells yet! For a chief evangelist of a technology company, conferences and networking opportunities take front row. On July 15, I will be in Las Vegas, playing poker at Microsoft Inspire for five days with the hope of winning some good connections, updates and knowledge about the world curated by Microsoft technologies.
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Technology news around the globe - Week 27, 2018

Seven ways Big Data is influencing e-Commerce

e-Commerce is based on huge volumes of information that would be impossible to analyze without help from big data. Once you read through this article you will be able to handle online business more efficiently

Read more: https://hubs.ly/H0cWVPf0

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OSSEC-HIDS Installation & Configuration on Amazon EC2 Instance

OSSEC (Open Source HIDS SEcurity) is a host-based intrusion detection system. OSSEC actively monitors all aspects of Unix/Windows systems activity with file integrity monitoring, log analysis and monitoring, rootcheck, windows registry monitoring and process monitoring. You can configure active response in OSSEC to take immediate action when specific alert is triggered.

OSSEC Agent/Server installation & configuration:

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