OSSEC-HIDS Installation & Configuration on Amazon EC2 Instance

OSSEC (Open Source HIDS SEcurity) is a host-based intrusion detection system. OSSEC actively monitors all aspects of Unix/Windows systems activity with file integrity monitoring, log analysis and monitoring, rootcheck, windows registry monitoring and process monitoring. You can configure active response in OSSEC to take immediate action when specific alert is triggered.

OSSEC Agent/Server installation & configuration:

Install and configure Jenkins in CentOS 6.8

Install and configure Jenkins in CentOS 6.8
What is Jenkins?

In DevOps, continuous integration is very important where the developer merge their code into a central repository several times after which automated builds and tests are run.

Technology stories handpicked for you- Week 26, 2018

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Shopping from the palm of your hand

The future of retail isn’t e-commerce or omnichannel or pop-up shops. The future of retail is palm-sized. As social media consumerism is growing at light speed, retail entrepreneurs are skipping the computer altogether and instead displaying and selling products exclusively via the smartphone.

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Innovation stories making headlines

Tech digest Week 25

Is your e-Commerce compliant with PCI DSS revisions?

e-Commerce has always been a target for swift cyber theft. You may not even realize that your technology has been compromised by cybercriminals, until after the breach. Nothing is bulletproof, not even standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). However, it at least offers some defense.

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Processing and Analyzing an IOT data with Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics
In the era of digital transformation we have to deal with ample amount of data originating from various sensors/IOT devices, which in turn actually makes it difficult to process and segregate the data because of its high complex nature. Thus processing this data to generate meaningful information becomes a primary concern. Microsoft Azure gives the best solutions for your IOT devices. Thanks to AZURE stream analytics to make it easy for us to process and present the data.

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