Creating PowerApps on SPO with 5 Steps


Microsoft has introduced a new technology for creating quick PowerApps for data analysis on desktop or mobile devices. PowerApps lets you connect, create and share business apps with your team in minutes and using any device. You can create quick PowerApps using SPO list and the below article provides easy steps to create it.

Step1: Create the SPO list and add some test data in to it.


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Doing powerful things with PowerApps

Doing powerful things with PowerApps.jpg
Wow! What an apt name – PowerApps. The itself signifies that it is something having powerful properties or functionality. PowerApps gives one a way to show SharePoint List/Library Data with interactive interface which can also be customisable. And it justifies its name because even if you don’t know the coding, you can create your own Apps and share with others to use it with SharePoint on Windows OS.

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Why should you stop using Access Services for SharePoint Online?

Access Service for SharePoint Online is all about developing applications with the help of Microsoft Access database management system. The applications created using these services are easily accessible through a web browser.

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