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RPA and IoT powered transformation

RPA and IoT powered transformation
RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a technology that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to handle repeatable tasks that previously required humans to perform. Simply put, RPA technology enables companies to automate high-volume manual processes across the enterprise using software robots.
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How Digital Commerce is rewriting business models?

How Digital Commerce is rewriting business models

The last blog touched upon how the evolution of businesses and the confluence of technologies have accelerated the pace at which today’s businesses are reinventing the way they operate and serve customers opening up the doors to enable personalized customer experience through Digital Commerce.

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Is Digital Commerce rewriting business models?

Is Digital Commerce rewriting business models?

We have been lately high on ‘Digital Commerce’ not because it's a buzzword. This month, e-Zest hosted Digital Commerce Hackathon in Pune where the theme was using emerging technologies to improve the e-commerce experience. The key was how we can apply leading-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning to digital commerce to create new services and operating models. The innovation and opportunities created in this 12 hour Hackathon were momentous.
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Why business model transformation matters?

Why business model transformation matters

Transforming your organization's business model and operations to achieve its desired business outcomes is a complex process of maximizing transition while minimizing disruption.

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SharePoint solutions with integration of Big Data Analytics

SharePoint solutions  with integration of  Big Data Analytics

In the current technology landscape and evolution, SharePoint development and Big Data are getting merged with massive amount of data giving rise to more scalable and effective development of SharePoint solutions.
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