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Mandar is an Engineering graduate now transubstantiated in to Marketing professional. At e-Zest, he manages all marketing activities, be it traditional and on-line. His mission is to promote e-Zest to world.

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System of engagement for a successful B2B e-commerce

System of engagement for a successful B2B e-commerce

Over the last couple of years, B2B buying cycle has changed significantly. The convenience and speed offered by B2C has permeated in the B2B commerce world, thanks to the internet. The industry that was ruled by system of records, as coined by Geoffrey Moore, through legacy ERP, HR and financial systems had to cope up with ubiquitous access, real-time responses and ad-hoc flexibility demanded by today’s buyers.

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Fine tuning your e-Commerce with customer journey analytics

Fine tuning your e-commerce with customer journey analytics

The customer journey is one of the most pivotal aspects of your e-Commerce setup. User experience designers spend months etching out the intricate details of the customer’s journey to shape and smoothen his or her experience. The customer journey offers tremendous possibilities of improvement even for the most crisply built experiences. Integrating analytics into the e-Commerce platform is always good to sharpen the insights gained and the customer journey is one of the first and best places to start doing that.
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Getting ready for Cyber Monday - Scaling Digital Commerce technology backbone

Getting ready for Cyber Monday - Scaling Digital Commerce technology backbone

Businesses want to sell more and always are on the lookout for more opportunities to sell. Cyber Monday, a brainchild of Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation, happened in 2005 and since then breaking its own sales records. According to Adobe Analytics, Americans are expected to spend USD 6.6 billion online on Cyber Monday which is more than Black Friday sales estimates.

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The increasing role of AI in e-Commerce


The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence technology in e-Commerce has gone beyond the customary chat-bots that we see today. AI is expected to reduce the dependency of e-Commerce on sales reps to as much as 80%. This means AI is expected to play bigger roles in deciding who emerges on top in the e-Commerce arena. So what lies beyond chat-bots for AI-empowered e-Commerce?

Moving out from ‘Average Handling Time’ in the age of digital commerce

Moving out from average handling time.jpg

The first real end-to-end tech affair for commerce industry was 'call centers'. Some ten or fifteen years ago, the growth of your business meant that you had to stack bigger call centers with more hundreds of servicing agents. Call centers were functioning relentlessly to satisfy your customers. An important measure to rate the performance was ‘average handling time’. A lot has changed since then.
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