Hibernate Performance Optimization (Part - 1)

To work effectively with hibernate you need to understand how hibernate executes queries. You can get the work done by using various alternative APIs which hibernate provides, but selection of correct API is needed for performance optimization. In this post I will try to explain about how hibernate uses proxy design pattern to lazy load entities and how to effectively use it for performance optimization.

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Tech Digest – Week 30, 2012

The Right mix of policies to promote cloud computing

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Security vs Flexibility vs Automation vs Compliance (Part - 1)

Everybody who has been in IT Industry long enough would have played the balancing game between factors mentioned in the title of this post at some time or other. It is amazing I have run into such balancing game so many times in past few months! I will present few stories in my next few posts, and what I learnt from them.

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Java Monitor Pattern

In Java, each object provides an implicit monitor lock also called as intrinsic lock, which is used by its synchronized methods to ensure that only one thread can execute a critical section of code at a time. The critical section of code should allow only one thread to execute it at a time to avoid race conditions and is defined by synchronized methods. However, one disadvantage of intrinsic lock is that it offers only one mutex.

Topics: Java intrinsic lock Multithreading Java Monitor Pattern Technology

Importance of understanding the human and personal wins

Human resource is a term that has lost its impact after seeing it being used in a way that many a times is quite literally is inhuman or at least non-human. I don’t mean to say that the use of HR term is cruel in the typical sense of “inhuman” but many a times individuals are treated by companies and HR processes in a way that it literally takes out the “humanness” from the human.

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Tech Digest – Week 29, 2012

Microsoft Office Cloud Computing

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Gradients In JavaFX

One of the very interesting features of JavaFX is its ability to have gradients (Linear or Radial) to the background color of the nodes. In this blog I am going to explain in detail about each gradient and its parameters.

Topics: JavaFX javafx 2.0 Linear Gradient Radial Gradient JavaFX Application Development Gradient Parameters Technology

Symmetric Cryptography

Cryptography is a mechanism of transforming sensitive information from meaningful plain text to some garbled form called cipher text, usually used to securely transfer it over a network, thus preventing it from eavesdropping, tampering or forgery. Cryptography can also be used for storing sensitive information in database. In ancient times, Julius Caesar used cryptography to send messages to his military.

Topics: security Stream Cipher Data Encryption Standard Transport Layer Security Block Cipher symmetric cryptography cipher text Technology

Tech Digest - Week 28, 2012

Enterprise Mobility and Migration Towards Cloud Data Centers Drives the Enterprise Mobile Cloud Computing Market, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc

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Enterprise Mobility Strategy Formulation

Gear up for Enterprise Mobility

Enterprises are looking for all the opportunities to sustain in today’s competitive markets by adapting latest technologies. Enterprise applications helped enterprises to perform key enterprise functions like order processing, procurement, production scheduling, customer information management, energy management, and accounting easily by providing a single solution to support all business processes. Such applications were typically hosted on servers and provided simultaneous services to a large number of users, typically over a computer network. In today’s era, the number of mobile devices has grown exponentially and smartphone shipments are growing at a staggering rate. Businesses are now looking at how best to harness this mobility and leverage it to maximum benefit to avail competitive advantage. Instead of an opportunistic approach, businesses today need to look strategically at how mobility can support the enterprise and how it can be integrated to optimize key business processes.

Topics: Mobile Development Technology Enterprise Mobility

Queues And Blocking Queues

The Java Collections Framework provides Queue interface and its implementation classes as shown in Figure 1 which enable usage of queue data structure in a variety of ways. The interfaces and classes highlighted in this figure are part of Concurrency API.

Topics: DelayQueue ConcurrentLinkedQueue LinkedBlockingDeque LinkedBlockingQueue BlockingDeque ConcurrentLinkedDeque Queue LinkedTransferQueue Java PriorityQueue TransferQueue Multithreading ArrayBlockingQueue BlockingQueue SynchronousQueue Collections Framework Concurrency API Deque PriorityBlockingQueue LinkedList Technology ArrayDeque

AWS Programmatic Billing Access

When to use programmatic billing access

Programmatic Billing Access advantages excising Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) APIs so you can build applications that reference your billing data from a CSV (comma separated value) file stored in an Amazon S3 bucket.

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Why HTML 5? Importance of HTML 5 in multi-device and multi-browser environment


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New Session Management Features In Servlet 3.0

The three mechanisms of client-side session management are HTTP Cookies, URL rewritting and HTML hidden form fields. Servlet 3.0 provides following new features in session management.

Topics: Servlet 3.0 Session Management HttpOnly HTTP Cookie SSL Session Tracking Technology

About Apache Solr


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Active Object Pattern

Ever wondered how a file is attached to an e-mail in web-based mail applications such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail etc.? If you have been using Yahoo Mail for some years now, you might remember that not very long ago, when we used to add a file attachment to an e-mail, we had to keep waiting till the file was uploaded to the server. With the recent UI changes, when we attach a file, it gets added parallely while we perform other tasks on the UI. What has changed? The Active Object Pattern design pattern is working under the hood. If not implemented explicitly then the UI framework must be using it implicitly.

Topics: Java Active Object Pattern Multithreading Design Pattern Technology

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