Salesforce considerations for CIOs

Salesforce has been a real boon to businesses. Also, over the years Salesforce has improved and have taken the concept of CRM to another level. In the business world, Salesforce is considered as special by CIOs because it blends well with business applications, offers tools with application exchange and has a user-friendly interface.

There is no surprise, CIOs are positively considering and implementing Salesforce for the betterment of business. But are they aware of the key considerations? Usually CIOs focus on bigger picture while implementing Salesforce for their business. They put a lot of emphasis on revenue generation, sales opportunities and support. But they fail to consider the granular aspects that are equally important to drive the success of Salesforce application.

This blog explains the considerations that CIOs must think upon while implementing Salesforce.

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Digital Commerce: 10 user engagement strategies

In today’s digital world, it has become highly essential for enterprises to implement wide-ranging strategies to engage with users in significant manner. Furthermore, enterprises must be aware of user behavior and should utilize these digital strategies in order to succeed in dynamic technological landscape.  

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Packer 0.12.1

What is Packer?

  • Packer is an open source, lightweight tool created by Hashicorp that runs on most of the major operating systems
  • It is used to create machine images for multiple platforms. It has a high performance and creates machine images for different platforms in parallel
  • Packer is easy to use. It holds modern configuration management by encouraging use of tools like Puppet, Chef to install and configure various software packages in machine images

What is a Machine Image?

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e-Zest to embark new beginning with Philia 2017


The celebration of vibrant event Philia continues! Philia, the annual event of e-Zest provides an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate their achievements. When we started our journey 16 years ago, our primary goal was to make our clients more successful in their endeavors. e-Zest employees have worked very hard to build up a company where we deliver our promises. Philia is a great way to celebrate accomplishments and keep up motivations for the new beginnings.

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Tech stories handpicked for you - Week 03, 2017


Cloud intelligence to unlock new aspects of cloud

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