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Will bots bring an end to Front-end?

Recently, everyone around is talking about “bots.” It’s the new paradigm in the world of technology. Though, we are in early stage of the bot technology, it will surely create a huge impact on the online life and the way jobs are done. The revolution in the IT ecosystem from traditional click apps to chat oriented bots has already begun.

The rationale for progress of bots is the due to the cumulative advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the voice platforms powering the new software applications. According to this perspective, bots can be considered as the third generation platform subsequent to web and mobile apps.

On the contrary, the app platform is gradually fading. People are slowly transitioning from the outmoded social media platforms to the messaging platforms. Presently, there are more than 1 million apps for Apple and Android devices. Certainly, there is an app for each and every purpose.

The significant reason for the transition is the consumers don’t want to install or use apps for every single business they interact with. Consumers are buying plus installing lesser apps and usage is very rare on regular basis. It is no wrong to say, the app fatigue has set in. Artificial intelligence is overshadowing the features offered by apps and is moving them to the hidden backend of the messaging platforms. The day is not far when every e-commerce product, food-delivery app or social games will use messaging platform for customer related activities.

Owing to the bustle, there has been a lot debate on the conversational interfaces for the bots. The bots tend to make the computing environment simpler and hassle-free by taking away the graphical user interface. Conversational interface and voice interface will be considered as new UX vital in the upcoming generations of the software. Furthermore, a tremendous progress in language context identification and voice recognition programs is about to occur. As a result, users can interact with applications by simple commands and user interfaces by speaking or writing something where the computer will understand what is asked and provide it to us.

Considering voice and conversation as the new UI, bots can be the new apps, artificial intelligence as new protocol and messaging apps as the new browser in the software ecosystem. Siri and Cortana are the ones reinventing voice-driven communications for the digital devices. The conversational pattern of voice interfaces offers users to interact with systems without using any specific user interface.

Even though voice and conversation interfaces are diving in, it doesn’t mean the UI is going to die. Bots and conversation interfaces have a long way to go. It’s just a fundamental shift that going to improvise the style and type of applications are developed. Voice can be a great mechanism for a conversational interface when combined with a rich graphical look. Hence, a lot of innovation is expected in conversation interfaces in coming years. 

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