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Difference between VPC and VPS

Chaitanya Ranade Aug 06, 2013

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There is a lot of buzz around in the market of webhosting, information technology and data storage these days. Many companies are using terms as virtual servers or VPS. Few of these companies call it as cloud server or virtual cloud. But what do they really mean by these technical mumbo-jumbo?

Are VPS and VPC i.e. Virtual Private cloud means same? Do they come with same pricing and same set of features?

I thought of throwing some light on the above so people will get more information on this topic.

Let’s first look at Virtual Private Server, also called as VPS. A VPS is the result of splitting one powerful physical server into many virtual servers. The benefits extended by this arrangement include easier management, dynamic resource tuning, and higher reliability than traditional dedicated servers. Actually VPS are also physical servers on bigger host server. One physical server includes number of small VPS. Data stored on these VPS servers is separate from other VPS. We can reboot or restart or terminate one VPS without affecting other VPS or main physical server. If Physical server fails then all VPS on the same server also fail. VPS does not offer high availability. If one VPS is affected by attack like DDOS then all other VPS will also get impact. VPS always share computing resources from physical server and other VPS. Hence RAM, bandwidth and CPU performance can be affected if another VPS on the shared server is demanding a higher load. We need to use only one Operation system by one VPS. There are always limitations like storage which depends on the main physical server which is not scalable.

Now we will look at the Cloud servers. Do this really have cutting edge over VPS? We also call it as Cloud Server or Virtual Private Cloud.

The Cloud Server represents the next evolution in data hosting. The cloud boasts self-healing capabilities, so that if a physical server fails, your virtual cloud moves to a spare. This ensures your server is always accessible. Once can instantly scale Cloud instance up or down to handle periods of increased load. Cloud server further enhances disk performance with Solid State Disk (SSD) accelerated storage. We have more advantages with Virtual Private Cloud as listed below

  • Auto Scaling - As I mentioned above we can scale our server space or any resource like RAM in a moment
  • High Availability – If a physical server fails, your virtual cloud moves to a spare. This ensures your server is always accessible
  • Resources – No effect of other servers on the cloud like VPS. You will not face any RAM lagging or CPU utilization being impacted
  • Operating System – Client can choose operating system as per there will
  • Data Space – Cloud works on SAN storage so there is no limit for data storage
  • Uptime – We can ensure 100% uptime for our services with cloud storage

Cloud server have advantage over VPS, if you want something more and you are looking for better service uptime scalability and reliability to stay ahead in competition then Cloud is the Answer. Selecting right Service and hosting is an important decision for any business and if you want to make you presence in IT and IT Infrastructure so there is no option other than Cloud.

I will be very happy to answer further in case of any assistance in cloud services.

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