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Value of Talent Sharing in Professional Services

Ameet Aug 06, 2015

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The use of contract staff has been a fact of life for many companies. This started over half a century ago when Information Technology was called Data Processing. These consultants have consistently provided a variety of services, augmenting permanent staff.

Professional Services

What are a few of the challenges that many global organizations are facing when it comes to IT talent? A constant struggle to retain and train application experts and a lack of required skills, when and where they are needed.

Defining Staff Augmentation

Known by different names such as contractors or consultants, the primary function of these IT service providers is to supplement existing IT staff. They are typically hired when the IT department is unable to obtain or retain permanent staff or when it needs specialized skills for a short period. As the term ‘staff augmentation’ implies, contractors function as members of the department, taking their day-to-day direction from IT managers. Apart from the fact that their paychecks come from a different company contractors cannot be distinguished from other members of the IT department.

We at e-Zest call this “Talent Sharing”

Plato stated, “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” What use is knowledge if it is not shared? So, there is no point of keeping knowledgeable and talented team members sitting on the bench when there is a massive roster with our partners and clients that need fulfillment.

e-Zest is a technology company first! As one of the largest providers of bespoke product development, systems integration, data analytics and application services, our approach has been towards optimizing application investments and aligning them to business requirements. Through our experience, we have sent that talent sharing helps you achieve a number of business goals including faster speed-to-market, industry and technical experience. This assists with accelerated quality and speed of development which in-turn results in saving the cost and time required for internal training and skill development that our partners and clients would have spent.

And it is due to this reason we know that our capabilities in providing high quality on-demand IT staffing in niche skill areas across the spectrum of information technology has resulted in hundreds of successful projects in several key areas, including application development, software testing, project management, systems engineering, business intelligence, enterprise architecture and security.

Calibrating for Ease to Scale

Calibrating with our clients by understanding their development requirement ensures we are able to help them scale with the right talent. We take the strain of obtaining hard-to-find IT skilled professionals who can deliver quality application development and management away from our clients. While some organizations are comfortable having a third-party manage part of, or their entire application environment, many seek to augment their in-house skills with external IT talent who can work under their direction and guidance. Many IT organizations today seek both the flexibility to obtain resources when and where needed and the ability to gear up for projects that require specialized application skills that don’t exist or can’t be leveraged internally. e-Zest’s team members are able to take advantage of their vast internal knowledge base and provide solutions and at times direction that otherwise may have been over looked or not thought of.

e-Zest’s talent sharing under the professional services business unit provides skilled personnel to work under your direction to help you develop, maintain, manage and support your applications and products. The best professional services are those that are an extension of your team. This approach helps businesses manage fluctuating skill needs, skill gaps and changing staffing needs to meet the aggressive project timelines.

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